The Real Pres. McKinley

Note:  I have a habit of writing posts and putting them in my drafts and from time to time I have more drafts than I need….I use them for when circumstance takes me away from my ‘puter and I still need to post… of now I have 36 drafts in waiting so I will be posting more than my usual 5-6 posts per day…..sorry for the extra reading but these are things that need to be posted.  Thanx for your understanding.

Time again for the old professor’s classroom ( heavy sighs heard in the back of the room) and a look at an American president that most know very little about other than he was assassinated…there is so much more to McKinley’s presidency than his death…..

William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States, serving from March 4, 1897, until his assassination on September 14, 1901, after leading the nation to victory in the Spanish-American War and raising protective tariffs to promote American industry.

At the 1896 Republican Convention, in time of depression, the wealthy Cleveland businessman Marcus Alonzo Hanna ensured the nomination of his friend William McKinley as “the advance agent of prosperity.” The Democrats, advocating the “free and unlimited coinage of both silver and gold”–which would have mildly inflated the currency–nominated William Jennings Bryan.

While Hanna used large contributions from eastern Republicans (some things never change within the GOP) frightened by Bryan’s views on silver, McKinley met delegations on his front porch in Canton, Ohio. He won by the largest majority of popular votes since 1872.

The American Conservative takes a long look at the presidency of McKinley……

What’s wrong with the Roosevelts? What’s wrong is their shadow. The spotlight of history shines so brightly on Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt that most other presidents, especially conservative presidents, end up in semi-darkness. Whatever these interstitial figures gave the nation gets likewise obscured. While the Roosevelts tapdance across history’s stage, William McKinley, William Howard Taft, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge and, of course, Herbert Hoover get locked backstage in a cabinet of “flawed figures.”

What’s more, with each passing year, the Roosevelt shadow deepens. McKinley, especially, is practically forgotten. Sometimes, the obscuring of these presidents is intentional; sometimes half-intentional. Whatever respect President Barack Obama demonstrated to Native Americans when he replaced the title of Alaska’s mighty Mount McKinley with the Native American name, Denali, the president was also doing his bit to intensify the obscurity of non-Roosevelts.

McKinley was so much more than his assassination….and now you know more than the person sitting next to you….ain’t history grand?


2 thoughts on “The Real Pres. McKinley

    1. Only to worry most Americans only know the assassination….Perceval? Name sounds familiar but I had to check the link…a fascinating story…he wanted his day to be heard…….thanx for that….chuq

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