The “Fantastic Eight”

I usually do not have much positive to say about the Congress….for the most part I think most of them are overpaid cowards….that spend their time screw the American people and raising cash for their next election….but there is a gang of eight that I feel are doing their job at least when it comes to national security and American foreign policy…….I think these congresspeople deserve the title of “realist”

They could caucus in a phone booth. They are known as “realists,” and their default position on questions of foreign policy and national security is one of skepticism about the value of interventions abroad and of respect for privacy at home. In a debate largely being litigated within the ranks of the Republican Party on Capitol Hill, the realists don’t have a prayer of prevailing in an up-or-down vote against the neoconservative wing of the party, proponents of an interventionist ethos to embed American values in lands far removed from domestic shores and traditions.

And yet the realists soldier on. They consider restraint a virtue and argue that foreign military adventures inevitably entail unpleasant and unforeseeable consequences. To nobody’s surprise, the realists were trounced on September 13 when the Senate slammed the door on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s challenge to the legal authority that administrations of both parties have embraced since 9/11 to wage war. Paul’s target was actually two laws, each known as an AUMF, or “authorization for the use of military force.” One AUMF, enacted in 2001, allowed the government to pursue terrorists in the wake of 9/11; the other, passed a year later, flashed a legal green light for the 2003 Iraq invasion.

It is a shame that there are only 8 of them……and I may not agree with them on other issues but as far as our foreign policy they get my vote of confidence.

It is a shame that here are only 8 of them when there should be so many more…..for our foreign policy is too important to be shirked the way most in Congress do.

We can only hope with the next round of elections we are smart enough to choose people that have our nation’s interest at heart.


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