A Thanksgiving History

And you thought you would get off easy because it is a holiday…..but no the mad professor is still writing and posting about history……

And NO this is not about the first Thanksgiving…..it deals with something I write a lot about….war.

Happy Thanksgiving from War on the Rocks!  Today is all about tradition: turkey and stuffing; family, friends, and football.  From early childhood, we all learn the origin story of Thanksgiving that is so mythically central to its celebration.  Pilgrims in Plymouth Colony marked a successful harvest with a feast to which they invited Native Americans who had lent much-needed assistance after the previous hard winter.  Records of earlier harvest celebrations and debates (google “thanksgiving origins” if you’re interested and have hours to kill) about the actual provenance of what would become our Thanksgiving aside, it is no surprise that the centuries-long history would make it the holiday most steeped in uniform tradition across America.

But how did thanksgiving become Thanksgiving?  The first recognition of a single, nationally celebrated holiday of Thanksgiving came in a proclamation by the Second Continental Congress in 1777, a year after it signed the Declaration of Independence.  It came as our young country’s future was far from certain, and was indeed issued from a temporary meeting site because the national capital of Philadelphia itself was then occupied by British forces.  The language was marked by its central theme of gratitude for American forces’ successes, thanking God,


See that did not hurt so bad……with this bit of history under your belt now go enjoy a meal and have some fun…..chuq


4 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving History

  1. I send my Happy Thanksgiving salutations to you and your family, chuq.
    Thankfully, I can give thanks that we don’t have to celebrate it here. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thank you my friend….I appreciate the kind words….I hope you and yours have a good day and I will be back tomorrow with a vengeance….LOL chuq

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