Thanksgiving Message–2017

I would like to wish all my loyal readers a very happy Thanksgiving Day….may you have all the joy of the day.  I will be cooking the turkey injected with pomegranate juice and my special dressing (secret recipe)…..then going to daughter’s house for the meal…..

This will be my last post today so that I may spend it with family for some food food and conversation… granddaughter and I will sit down together and hash over the events of her life so far this year and then I will challenge her to a game of Scramble.

I would like to thank all my readers and followers for their time and comments….especially to thank them for their outpouring for love and concern over my health issues……your time has made my recovery all that more easier….and this blog has given me a reason to look on the bright side of my condition, if there is such a thing.

I can never thank my friends enough for their support during this time…..please have a great day and some good food and fun with the family.

Thanx for everything and I shall be back tomorrow with more stuff… and peace….and enjoy your day and your special meal…..chuq


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