Closing Thought–21Nov17

Are We Turning Into Toddlers?

For awhile now I have been bitching about how society is reverting back to childhood….with Gummi vitamins, flavored water, etc.

And now the American Conservative has taken up this aspect of modern society…..

A specter is comforting America—the specter of self-care.

In April 2015, Amazon’s best-selling book in the United States was not the recipient of a Booker Prize or a Pulitzer Prize. It was not even a work of literature; it was an adult coloring book by Johanna Basford. In August 2015, the American Art Therapy Association publicly endorsed “the use of coloring books for pleasure and self-care.”

The same year, Michelle Joni Lapidos and Candice Kilpatrick started a preschool for adults in New York City, and a Nova Scotian business venture that sought to place customers in womb-like sensory-deprivation tanks reached 176 percent of its funding target on Indiegogo. At the same time, diatribes about the self-protection of university students blanketed the mainstream press.

Adult coloring books?  seriously?  My granddaughter has moved beyond them and yet we adults are back to coloring between the lines….

This is just too sad for words.

Day is done…time for me to return to my cave and wait for another day to dawn so I can impact some knowledge on my faithful readers…..until then….Peace….chuq

10 thoughts on “Closing Thought–21Nov17

  1. Adult colouring books have been popular over here for some time now. Many of the designs are quite complex, and they leave users with a sense of achievement, as well as the often necessary distraction.
    I have never used them myself, but then again, I have blogging! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Every time I’m reading the comments to racial and hate posts in the so called Social Media I have a very strong impression that a lot of so called “grown ups” are turning into toddlers without brains and characters at the moment they put their fingers on the keyboard of a computer or smartphone.

  3. Once in a while, I like using the adult coloring books myself. It’s just a good way to let myself clear my head and think (and it’s like “productive fidgeting,” the same way people doodle when bored, only I like lots of crazy colors to mess with). If they’re not too intricate and confusing, the pages actually help curb headaches because I’m letting the crazy day or latest outrage from the internet go away for a little bit. It lets me think without constant screen stimulation…and get story ideas flowing because I’m calm and my brain’s not going a hundred different places. Once i’ve got something to write about or a new idea to tackle, I put the unfinished picture away and get to what i needed to do with a clear head and no headache. I don’t think I’ve finished a single picture yet, actually, and I’ve had some of these books for several years.

    Also I tend to struggle with boredom eating–if I have pencils in my hand and a cup of tea, I am not grabbing food. it’s a helpful mechanism. But honestly, I think it’s one of the few things most adults remember doing when they were kids and bored, and now it’s a way to use their creativity and get away from the technology for a while. Anybody can color–not everybody can or wants to try composing music, painting portraits, etc., after all.

    1. Good points….if it helps you clear your mind then it is a god send… mind must stay busy or I get depressed with my health problems and some times I think everybody does….not so …..I guess if it helps in any way then it is a good thing….have a good turkey day….chuq

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