Saddam Was Right

Saddam…..remember him?  He was the leader of Iraq that we hunted down and eventually hanged after a trial (if one could call it that…..he was always gonna die no matter what)….well it seems that he predicted the long and bloody stay for American troops……

His thoughts are documented here in an article in The American Conservative……with a little history thrown in for good measure……(did not want my readers to go with that shot of History)…….

In early 1917, during World War I, British general Sir Frederick Stanley Maude led an army of sixty thousand British and Indian soldiers from Basra up the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to Baghdad. His enemy was a Turkish army, some twenty-five-thousand strong, defending a province of what was then a part of the decrepit Ottoman Empire. Maude was hardly a creative campaigner (his troops called him “systematic Joe”), but then his conquest of Mesopotamia wasn’t much of a fight. “The Turkish Army that was recently before us,” he reported to his superiors, “has ceased to exist as a fighting force owing to its casualties, prisoners, demoralization and the loss of a large proportion of its artillery and stores.” Maude led his army into Baghdad on a prancing horse on March 11 and then, in the finest British tradition, issued a proclamation: “We come as liberators, not occupiers,” it said. The Iraqis thought otherwise.

Many people predicted the problems the US would have in Iraq…..a shame it all fell on deaf ears.


5 thoughts on “Saddam Was Right

  1. Good article on the link. Not only illustrating that the western armies once again failed to learn the lessons from history, but also showing what Churchill was really like.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Wonderful linked article. Thank you for sharing.
    I still do not know what we really wanted to achieve in Iraq? You do not bring democracy through war. During World War II it was stored slightly differently. If we need raw materials and oil in the West, we have to buy it. This comes cheaper and does not upset the population of other countries. The Roman Catholic Church tried over 50 years in Africa on “development aid” to create suitable conditions. Now there is China, and brings the people for the first time a future perspective.

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