Closing Thought–16Nov17

Go Ask Alice!

Lots of talk about the opioid crisis here in this country…..the First Lady and her hubby are trying to make this some sort of signature issue for them…..

So far a lot of rhetoric without much substance but there is nothing but hollow words so far……

It’s no secret that opioid misuse has risen to the level of an epidemic. On November 1, 2017, the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, appointed by President Donald Trump last March, released its long-awaited recommendations on how best to tackle the nation’s opioid crisis.

The stakes have never been higher. Preliminary data indicate that in 2016, 64,000 people—more than the combined number of people killed by gun homicide and in car accidents in 2015—succumbed to drug overdoses. In most of these cases, opioids were involved. Natural and semisynthetic opioids were linked to more than 14,400 overdose deaths, while synthetic opioids other than methadone, which is often used in treatment, contributed to more than 20,100 fatalities. Heroin contributed to roughly 15,400.

Is this just another one of those plans that sounds good but has no bite in doing anything to change the trend?

A question for the experts…  I am finished for the day…..see you guys tomorrow with more tantalizing stuff….Peace Out….chuq


13 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16Nov17

    1. I have been writing about that waste of time and money for years…..time to call it for the home team and use that cash where it is needed….chuq

  1. This problem is not something government can easily solve. Government can reduce access to drugs by prosecuting sellers and USERS. Government can also influence the medical community, which is somewhat responsible the increase in the number of addicts, by encouraging doctors to limit their use of opioids. What government cannot do is improve the character of people. Unless people choose to say “NO” to so-called recreational drugs, some will get addicted. Therefore, except for those folks whose doctors got them hooked, the misuse of drugs is primarily a moral issues.

    In a constitutional republic, the People must set the moral tone for the government. It cannot work the other way around. In fact, we know this. Who trusts politicians?

    1. Thanx for your input Tom….the Us has been trying people for decades and the problem just keeps getting worse….and we know that a government cannot legislate morality….this problem will continue until a realistic solution is come to…..and we know that politicians will not do this for all are cowards. chuq

      1. Legalize it and tax the crap out of it….money earmarked for the health aspects of the drug problem….and the cash spent on a failed War on drugs could go a long way to help the situation also. chuq

      2. That is not a solution. In fact, we would probably end up with more people hooked on drugs. In addition, the government programs that would be created to get people off drugs would most likely work to keep them hooked.

        Consider how well that sort of “solution” has worked for alcohol and cigarettes. Consider how well welfare has worked. Nevertheless, I have no doubt money grubbing lawyers and big-spending politicians will support it.

  2. The solutions coming out of DC are almost always designed to grow government. There is certain set of things that must be done, and only government can do those things. Beyond that growing government creates more problems than it solves.

    Look at DC. Consider the incompetence. Why is the Federal Government so incompetent? Well, one problem is that it is too much for the electorate to manage.We are suppose to pick the people who run the government, but how? Based upon which issue? Think about all the things the government does, and the Constitution does not mention. So long as we insist that government do things that we should be setting up charities (not funded by government) to do, we will have an impossible task.

    1. a smaller government will be inefficient for lack of money to do what it is slated to do. If we do not want government to do these things then we need to slide back to our states and let them decide what is best for us. Personally I would not be down with this……these state governments are part of of the problems we face. chuq

      1. Currently, the Federal Government spends almost twice as much as state and local government combined. The vast bulk of this money goes to health, education, and welfare (Social Security, mostly) clearly not authorized by the Constitution. To add insult to injury, the jokers have the nerve to call this spending mandatory.

        We have corrupted our government with this crap. It is already absurdly inefficient.

        We cannot use the government to take money from some people and just give it to other people. When we do that, we cannot trust our leaders to protect our rights, especially our property rights. The conflict of interest is just too big. When politicians have that kind of power, they use it to buy our votes. From that point on a government like our own starts unraveling.

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