China Is Winning The Trade War

While the US is fighting its numerous wars the trade war is being won by China and its Silk Road Project.  In the old days the Silk Road was a trade route from Asia to Europe back in the the 1400s and China is silently renewing this trade route…..

The US needs to counter this trend by China or the trade war will be won by our Asian opponent…..the US is trying to sign on to the deal but will it be a good deal or a bad one?

While Washington is seeking a pause in the rapid growth of its international trade, the rest of the world is moving full speed ahead. There is no better example than the fast developing New Silk Road, China’s vast project to facilitate its trade with Europe and connect Central Asia to the world economy.  At a recent conference in Washington hosted by the Eurasia Center, speakers reported all sorts of information about the project.

Already since 2013 freight trains go from China’s mid-pacific coast to Poland in 12 days, less than half the time for cargo ships to Western Europe and much faster for inland Chinese factories such as major electronics ones, such as the American Hewlett Packard in Chongqing. It has opened up a new central Asian market for Polish agricultural exports. Even Italian wines and German cars are now going by rail to Asia. Train traffic has more than doubled during the last year to some 45-50 trains per month. Traffic will take even fewer days if the Chinese region follows through with eventual plans for high-speed rail connections. Businessweek’s China-sponsored “Focus Report” states that 32 Chinese cities now have 52 China-Europe rail lines connecting to 12 European countries.

Did Fearless Leader take this up with the Chinese when he was in China?  My thought is nope….he was too busy trying a Big Mac to worry about trade….more on this trip of trips…..

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump returned to Washington after a marathon tour of Asia. His trip spanned two multilateral summits, five countries, and set an important record: It was the longest Asia trip undertaken by any U.S. president in 25 years.

Trump’s trip was a remarkable opportunity to restore to Asia the rare leader-level time and attention so often trained on the Middle East and Europe. And yet, although time was for once abundant, strategy was absent, and the trip was largely a missed opportunity.

A review of Trump’s time in Asia reveals three key points.

I am still looking for the “good” part of this trip……lots of words and a few Tweets but reality does not bear out the words from the mouth of Fearless Leader…..

President Trump has just completed a 12-day tour of Asia, including stops in Japan, China, Korea, and the Philippines, and in Vietnam to attend the APEC Leaders meeting.

After pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during his first week in office and threatening to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), his Asia trip was an opportunity to present an alternative vision of U.S. economic engagement in Asia. Many hoped it would be sufficiently robust and strategically orientated to put to rest global concerns about where Washington stands on trade and globalization more broadly.

Unfortunately, this is not what happened.

All in all ……a complete waste of time when the best we got was some silly photo ops.

9 thoughts on “China Is Winning The Trade War

  1. The industrial output of China is also driven by manor factors currently impossible to achieve in the west.
    Widespread (and perhaps reckless) use of fossil fuels as a power source.
    No stringent health and safety rules applied to working conditions for personnel.
    Low pay rates compared to outside of China, as well as longer working hours, and less breaks or holidays.
    The willingness of government owned industry to operate at a loss, to secure foreign markets.
    Few countries outside China are either willing or able to compete with such practices.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. And the most of our western investors push their money into China’s economy. There are a lot of firms also founded there by people of our region. Over special re-invest programs they not only win by the circumstances Pete named, they also get money from the EU. Should we name it “money laundry 2.0”?

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