Closing Thought–15Nov17

Only The Best!

I appears that the State Department has decided on the firm that will provide security to the Embassy in Russia……

The United States has awarded a contract to guard the U.S. embassy in Moscow to a company with KGB ties, The New York Times reports.

The State Department awarded the $2.8 million contract to Elite Security Holdings, a company co-founded by retired Russian general Viktor Budanov.

A State Department official told the Times that the company has been properly “vetted” and will only carry out security tasks previously handled by local guards hired by the embassy.

The firm will operate at the Moscow embassy, as well as U.S. consulates in three other Russian cities. U.S. Marines will still guard the grounds and high security locations of the outposts.


Think about that for a moment!

Now my question is….Is a firm with links to the KGB the best firm to provide security to our Embassy in Russia?  Why not provide them with the computer codes as well…..make the whole process easier for them?

With that bit of worthless info I am out for the day…..more stuff tomorrow….TTFN…….chuq

6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–15Nov17

  1. The tragedy has indeed become farce, hasn’t it? What a ridiculously ironic situation…. Why not hire some off-duty Russian policemen/women? Or a movie company, with actors dressed up as guards? Either would make as rational a story as what is described herein, with probably an equal chance of being efficient, or effective… though it does suggest that it really doesn’t matter who does the guarding, because they’re only there to protect the state facilities against the public, not any other government or police forces…

    gigoid, the dubious

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