The Silent Nuke Creep

North Korea has nukes and is in search if a delivery system……Iran has a nuke and a delivery systems but has chosen the but Iran has chosen a settlement to make their point….but of course Trump will side with Israel and the dummies and pretend that Iran is not doing what is necessary…..but the they are  any other narrative is a lie!

But while Trump is tying to gin up a war with either North Korea or Iran…..China is quietly expanding their nuke arsenal…..(say what?  Are you sure?)

China is the only nuclear weapon state recognized by the Nonproliferation Treaty that is actively expanding its nuclear arsenal. Its nuclear forces have increased modestly from an estimated 130 to 200 warheads in 2006 to an estimated 170 to 260 today. The qualitative changes to its nuclear forces have been more significant, with the introduction of more mobile solid-fueled missiles, multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (MIRVs), and an emerging fleet of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs).

This modernization program has raised concerns over the past several years that China is currently attempting or might soon attempt a nuclear breakout. Concerns of a Chinese breakout come in two forms: either that Beijing will develop a nuclear warfighting capability that could neutralize U.S. conventional superiority, or that Beijing will expand its strategic arsenal to achieve parity with the United States, which could undercut U.S. security commitments to its regional allies.

Trade deals notwithstanding….maybe the US should keep an eye on their nukes and the arsenal they are build=up to…..


4 thoughts on “The Silent Nuke Creep

    1. I never believed that MAD was an appropriate deterrent to nuclear war. In war, you have to believe you can win or the fight isn’t worth it. No one wins a nuclear conflict, you just may have less people die. That’s not a winning strategy. I don’t like war, it’s stupid. China doesn’t care about nuclear war because they have the largest population in the world, the odds are in their favor and everyone else be damned.

      1. I never bought into any of the nuclear weapons propaganda, Andrew. I spent much of my youth campaigning for the UK to abandon them completely. My comment here was supposed to be ironic, but that may not have been clear.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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