Closing Thought–13Nov17

Over the weekend I read a news story that took me aback.  It made me ask why this is not a news story lead instead of he said, she said…..

It appears that the Black Death is making a comeback… know that disease the wiped out about half of Europe in the 1300’s.

It is making a comeback in Africa….it seems to have started in Madagascar….and moved inland…..

Malawi has become the tenth country in Africa to be put on high alert over fears the pneumonic plague could spread there from Madagascar, where at least 140 people have been killed by the devastating disease.

South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tanzania, La Reunion and Mayotte, Mauritius and Comoros are the other nine nations preparing for the spread of the disease from the east African island.

I think that this outbreak is a little too important to be on page 6 of the newspaper….


12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–13Nov17

  1. Yes, i read about it some weeks ago. In Germany there is an old song with the title “We are near Madagaskar, and having the pest onboard”. ;-(
    But in real: Today we can choose between Dengue, Pest and all the other things usable as biochemical weapons. Not to forget dirty bombs with materials from old eastern europe reactors. All not only stored at the DoD.
    Hope we are blessed by God. Michael

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