Remember Syria?

I know that there have been more important stories for the media to cover like a presidential trip or the latest election or the most recent gun attack on innocent by-standers but regardless the war in Syria continues……even with American troops in the thick of things it is not important enough to report….how sad!

That leaves it up to me to keep my readers abreast of the situation in Syria……the news is that the Syrian army has seized the LAST ISIS stronghold in the country…..

The Syrian military has announced that troops backed by Shi’ite militias have successfully captured Abu Kamal, the ISIS-held city on the main border with Iraq, and the “last” stronghold of ISIS fighters in the country.

Syrian forces have been advancing toward the border along the Euphrates River for months, and finally hit the Iraqi border today with this victory. Iraqi forces captured their side of the border, al-Qaim just last week.

This marks the approximate end of ISIS as a territory-holding power in Iraq and Syria for the time being, though in practice ISIS still holds villages in a few places, and has substantial numbers of fighters spread around both countries to carry out insurgencies.

If anything, the end of ISIS as a de facto state may mean they grow all the more aggressive as an insurgency, as they will no longer have to commit so many forces to defending their borders or policing locals. ISIS was a massive group carrying out large-scale terror attacks even before they seized any territory, and their return to this has been anticipated for some time.


Notice that I said Syrian Army, not Free Syrian Army or US backed rebels but rather the Syrian Army……

With the success of the Syrian Army the Middle East will be reshaped……

The failure of the U.S.-Israeli-Saudi “regime change” project in Syria changes the future of the Mideast, possibly ushering in an era of greater secularism and tolerance, writes ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke.

Plainly, Syria’s success – notwithstanding the caution of President Bashar al-Assad in saying that signs of success are not success itself – in resisting, against the odds, all attempts to fell the state suggest that a tipping point in the geopolitics of the region has occurred.

We have written before how the Syria outcome dwarfs that of Israel’s 2006 war against Hezbollah, significant though the result of that war was, too.

Both events taken together have brought America’s unipolar moment in the Middle East to an end (though not globally, since the U.S. still retains its necklace of military bases across the region). The successes have corroded badly the reputation of the Gulf States and have discredited fired-up Sunni jihadism as a “go-to” political tool for Saudi Arabia and its Western backers.

Good news ISIS izs losing its grip in Syria as well as Iraq….but does that mean we have heard the last of this barbaric group…..sorry to say….not a chance……

ISIS’ territorial control in Iraq and Syria is eroding.

In Syria, the fall of its self-declared capital in Raqqa and its last military bastion in Deir ez-Zor have forced ISIS toward the Iraqi border.

In Iraq, the liberation of Mosul and Tal Afar have ISIS fighters retreating toward the Syrian border, where they are being hunted down in a final push by Iraqi forces.

On October 21, President Trump said “the end of the ISIS caliphate is in sight.”

That means that the US will have fresh killing ground in the very near future.


3 thoughts on “Remember Syria?

  1. The way that serious international conflict gets ignored by the News Media continues to amaze me too. Our news is packed with stuff about Boris Johnson, Brexit, and sexual assault allegations in the entertainment industry. Seems they are ‘bored’ with Syria now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yeah like it is old hat and no one wants to hear….same here….and it is so sad….we both still have troops fighting in that country….that makes it important…at least to me….chuq

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