Veterans Day 2017

Today we take some time and remember our war veterans…..their sacrifice and their bravery.


As usual I honor my comrades from Vietnam with this Vid on our unit…the 9th Division LRRPs…..50 years ago today I was on my first recon mission into Southern Laos…..LRRP legacy gets lost once they became the Rangers….It is my duty to keep their legacy alive……I never felt like a Ranger……But I will for always be a LRRP……

A bit of music from those years……enjoy…..


In closing this is a good article about the Wall in DC….a place we all go to help us heal…….sometimes it works and sometimes it brings back memories long suppressed…

Americans still argue, if perhaps less passionately than in past decades, about the war their country fought in Vietnam. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, though, has been safely outside that argument for many years. For the millions of people who visit it each year and for the country as a whole, the memorial is overwhelmingly accepted as a place to remember the soldiers who fought and mourn those who died — and not a place to continue debating the war.

Source: Remembering Those Who Fell in Vietnam: A Rancorous Birth of a Place of Healing – War on the Rocks

Thanx for your time and your visit…..also take a moment to remember the vets that gave their lives for their country.

Hope everyone has a good day…..I shall return tomorrow….chuq


9 thoughts on “Veterans Day 2017

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  2. What a memory to have. Fifty years ago into Laos, on a patrol. I was watching that stuff on the news here, aged 15. Nice to see you keeping the spirit of your old unit and former comrades alive.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. LIke I have said….we were incorporated into the Rangers in 1970….but I was never a Ranger…I will always be a LRRP….thanx for the kind words….chuq

  3. Went into the Air Force from AFROTC. Had a high draft number, but I wanted to fly. Never happened, but the war was over by the time I graduated.

    Was a military brat. So I looked at the press coverage of the Vietnam War in horror. Like most of my generation, I grew suspicious of those in power, but I was shocked to see our warriors being blamed for bad decisions over which they had no control. Our leaders did not have a plan to win, and their plan for a draw was too costly. And the news media? Their bias got in the way. Instead of providing honest reports, they were fomenting strife, even against vets who had just tried to serve our country. I suppose it was then I realized just how stupid a mob could be.

    Eventually, I started carefully studying history on my own. I started reading the old documents our nation’s founders had read, including the Bible. Then I began to understand something. We usually don’t know what we are doing, and we are usually doing what we are doing for the wrong reason.

    Who are suppose to be the wisest among us? Judges would definitely be among that distinguished group, but are our judges wise? Do we have the capacity to choose the wisest among us. Do we pick our leaders for their wisdom? If the answer is no, then why would we want to put our government in charge of things it does not need to be in change of? Don’t we have enough trouble running a good government without adding to it?

    Here is an old post I wrote:

    1. Nope when you choose judges based on their politics then they have lost all authority….they are suppose to be neutral ….if we continue to pick them based on their politics then tear up the Constitution for all is lost…have a good day….chuq

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