The Age Of Identity Politics

It appears that we have entered into the age of identity politics.  The “center” that we so much about in the past has collapsed and disappeared.

With the end of centrism, as it has been called, the extremes of Left and Right have taken the place of civil discourse.

A pretty good article about this collapse appeared in the American Conservative…..

I do not always agree with there ideas but they have some good points from some good thinkers…….

Sometimes it seems to me that identity politics and the collapse of the political center are pushing us all towards a prison-gang mentality, in the sense that you may not want to join up with the gangsters of your own tribe (white, black, Latino), but you do to protect yourself from the attacks of the other tribes.

Do I want to align with the Trump Republicans? Most assuredly I do not. Yet rising  militancy on the left — campuses being the vanguard — and the inability of liberal centrists to stand up to it, frightens white, male, heterosexual, religiously conservative me for the future. I look at the Democratic Party and see a party that regards people like me as American kulaks, as the class enemy to be crushed for the sake of justice and the final defeat of “white supremacy.” Yes, I’m being deliberately hyperbolic here, but that’s their basic approach. They may couch it in all kinds of arguments designed to conceal what they’re doing, but they are only deceiving themselves; it is clear to the rest of us what’s going on.

AS long as I am writing about “centrism”…..I found another article about this political situation……

Centrism is a decidedly wimpy word, but it is a powerful political idea. Over the last few weeks, many commentators and critics have compelled me to contemplate centrism more carefully. Is centrism a kind of “average” of extremes: They want single-payer insurance; the other side wants free market insurance; centrists want some unique hybrid? What then when the extreme position is the correct one? Does the centrist defy the truth simply to mold the world to his or her obsessions with compromise? As I’ve contemplated these important questions, I’ve begun to believe that the truly unique and important thing about centrism is its insistence on debate, and its uneasiness with prepackaged dogmas and identity narratives. Centrism is a flexible political position, but it is inflexible in its urging of open inquiry and spirited discourse.

This new age of division will not do anything good for the country…..we already have too much partisan dickering and this will just add to the problems with no solutions.

Some even see the end of “liberalism”…..that should make some of Trump’s bootlickers in society extremely happy if it were true……..there are some that predict the end……

It’s not that I’m a Trump supporter. It’s just that you, my friend, are actively undermining the very foundations of everything you purport to defend.”

Over the past ten months, that conflicted sentiment has led me into countless debates with people much more implacably opposed to the President than I am. I live in Washington, DC. We voted for Hillary Clinton by an overwhelming 90.9 percent. Most of the people I end up arguing with are my friends and colleagues.

I do not agree that liberalism is ending or being destroyed…..I feel that it is going through a transition in this age of populism and will return as strong as it has been in the past.

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3 thoughts on “The Age Of Identity Politics

  1. ‘Centrist’ politics in many European countries have not really worked during my lifetime. Some of those countries have failed to progress, as others have dominated the continent. It has always seemed to me that some radical party is the only way forward, to make the changes that society needs.
    But America is a whole different story, as it is like numerous countries under one flag, with States making their own laws, and different regions having completely opposite agendas. Like the former Soviet Union, it has become almost too big, and too diverse, to govern from one central system.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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