10 Most Important Assassinations

Today I return to giving my readers a history lesson…..(heavy sighs and eye rolls notwithstanding)….learn something it is not that painful….

In the course of world affairs there are always assassinations to end a rule, make a point, for just the Hell of it……but let us look at the 10 most important assassinations in history……

Ever since the Moabite King Eglon was stabbed to death on his throne in 1200 BCE (Judges 3:12-30)—and probably long before that—political leaders have been killed for any number of reasons. Usually they are murdered because they are deemed a threat by others in authority, or because of some controversial political stand they have taken, but sometimes the rationale can be as simple as the quest for revenge or the desire by the assassin to be famous. In any case, usually these murders are but minor footnotes in history, but occasionally they can and have had a profound impact on not only a nation, but on history itself. So who were these men—and a few woman—whose deaths have had such immense repercussions?


Can you think of any others that may need to be added?

That did not hurt now did it?


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