Our Man In China

Trump scooted off the Korean Peninsula and is now in China….he was met with a lavish “hello” ceremony….lots of color, pomp and ceremony….all the things he likes because it is all about him coming to China…..

China pulled out all the stops for President Trump’s airport arrival in Beijing: honor guard, marching band, jumping children. The ceremony accompanying Trump’s arrival Wednesday afternoon was elaborate even by China’s lavish standards. Heads of state are usually given a low-key reception at the airport, with the real pomp and circumstance reserved for his or her arrival at the Great Hall of the People in the center of Beijing. As they exited Air Force One, Trump and first lady Melania Trump were met by Chinese and American dignitaries, soldiers standing stiffly at attention, a band playing martial music, and smartly attired children waving miniature Chinese and American flags while chanting, “Welcome, welcome.”

The president and first lady appeared pleased, smiling and accepting flower bouquets, with Trump at one point throwing his arms open and appearing to exclaim, “Wow,” the AP reports. During his two-day visit, Trump is expected to discuss issues including trade, the South China Sea, and North Korea with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trump is expected to demand that China curtail its dealings with Pyongyang and expel North Korean workers. One uncertainty for Trump: whether he will be able to use Twitter in China, which has banned the social media platform.

OMG!  A day without Twitter!  What will he do?

China has become a major power in the world as well as the US number trading partner….what will Fearless Leader have to say to the Chinese that he has not already said?

After all his strong rhetoric about China and its trade policies his tune is a bit different when he is face to face with the Chinese…….

President Trump has previously expressed being “disappointed” at China for “taking advantage” of the US with “one-sided” trade, as well as called the country a “currency manipulator.” But speaking in Beijing on Thursday, he appeared to admire any clever exploitation of the US. “I don’t blame China,” he said in a speech to business leaders after a two-hour sit-down with President Xi Jinping. “After all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for benefit of their citizens? I give China great credit.” Instead of pointing the finger at his host nation, Trump blamed his own predecessors “for allowing this trade deficit to take place and to grow.” Trump also touted the “great chemistry” he says he shares with Xi and said he thinks the two countries will do “tremendous things,” per the Washington Post.

Trump said he mentioned the “chronic imbalance” of the nations’ trade status to Xi, and the leaders announced they’d worked out $250 billion in various trade deals, which China’s commerce minister called a “miracle,” per Reuters. Details weren’t offered, and CNN notes that many agreements were already in progress when Trump took office. Xi, for his part, was more “reserved,” per the Post, simply talking about a “new starting point” for the two nations and a “win-win” relationship while avoiding discussing his personal relationship with Trump. Trump and Xi didn’t field questions during their joint appearance; CNN notes that Trump’s three immediate predecessors in the White House had all convinced Chinese leaders on their own first state visits there to take questions. “It was at the Chinese insistence there were no questions today,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

To me that is the coward’s way out……one thing in the US and another when face to face with the Chinese….it is tacky at best.

Now on to Vietnam and meetings…….


2 thoughts on “Our Man In China

  1. From what I have seen, the visit to China has been a simple propaganda exercise that has solved nothing, and achieved little. The touted trade deals already existed, and it would appear that America is more worried about Chinese domination of world trade than it is prepared to admit to.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. IT was just one big photo op……there is a story that I will cover in a later post that most Trumpites are overlooking….have a good day my friend…..chuq

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