Sugar Coated China

Recently one of my blogging buddies did a post about the effects of China on the US and I guess this is just an extension to that post…..

While Fearless Leader is in China talking out of the other side of his face after months of calling China everything but a good bunch of people…..his visit is actually accomplishing nothing of substance- but he gets to see parades and stuff that delights his fancy.

US President Donald Trump is spending nearly two weeks in Asia, visiting Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Putting China at the center of the trip makes sense, because it constitutes the most important stop in both strategic and economic terms.

North Korea will dominate much of the conversation when Trump is in China, in large part because he is counting on Chinese leaders to solve the North Korea problem for the United States. This approach is understandable, because the bulk of North Korea’s trade transits Chinese territory, and China could exert enormous pressure on the North if it so chose.

But Trump needs to sit and take a realistic look at China and its policies worldwide…….apparently he does not have time for such trivia bullshit as diplomacy.  If he would take the time to listen to the people that follow China then he might learn something that could be useful…….but that might cut into his Twitter time….

Five years ago, the consensus was that China, with its ballooning middle class, would need to undertake painful, liberalizing political reforms lest its state capitalist system eventually collapse. Today, it looks like China’s political and economic system is better positioned for the future than those of its major Western rivals — as I argued in a longer essay for TIME this week. These five facts help explain why:

But let’s look down the road a bit……what about in say 2025?

A top U.S. military official has said that the U.S. needs to increase its military budget, already the largest in the world, to keep an “advantage” over China.

A top U.S. military official, General Joseph Dunford, said on Tuesday that China is going to be the U.S.’s supposed “greatest threat” in several years, surpassing Russia, CNN reported.

“I think China probably poses the greatest threat to our nation by about 2025,” General Dunford said while speaking to a U.S. Senate committee, highlighting the “economic situation.”

Of course Trump is gonna promise that usual promise bring those jobs back to America and make the American worker the most prolific worker when he does…….it is all so much BS…..

President Trump is well into his swing through Asia. And things have gotten a little awkward, as he’s gone after China and Japan for their imbalanced trade relationships with America.

Unfortunately, while Trump is right to question the reigning globalized trade order, he has neither the discipline nor the know-how to build a workable alternative.

Take the two economic powerhouses Trump is visiting during his trip. China and Japan boast the biggest and the second-biggest trade deficit with the U.S., respectively. In 2016, China exported $347 billion more to America than it imported, and Japan exported $68.8 billion more.

As I have said all this is so much manure spread by our Fearless Leader……..


10 thoughts on “Sugar Coated China

  1. Those trade deficits are the key to why Japan and China are so keen to be ‘friendly’ to the US.
    America keeps on buying their stuff, and eventually China and Japan will control the market in everything. Good move by the Chinese and Japanese. Credit where it’s due…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Trump the loud mouth is only so when the others are no where to be heard…..he has been accusing China of unfair trade for months but did he confront them …..nope…..kinda like a bully when confronted, huh? chuq

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