I have unable to keep up with the news as usual…..too many trips for doctors and such….but I see that Trump is losing his mind over the decision that Bowe Bergdahl would not get prison time.

Trump took to his fave fake news source Twitter so that he could reach the limp wristed turds that worship him (sorry about that but I have NO use for these people) about Bergdahl decision…..

He faced life in prison, but Bowe Bergdahl will serve no jail time at all for abandoning his military post in Afghanistan and endangering the troops sent to search for him. Instead, he will receive a dishonorable discharge, the New York Times reports. The military judge in the case also reduced his rank from sergeant to private and ordered him to forfeit $1,000 a month in pay for 10 months. Judge Col. Jeffery Nance, who CNN notes Bergdahl picked over a jury, didn’t provide reasoning for the sentencing. “Sgt. Bergdahl has looked forward to today for a long time,” his civilian attorney says. “He has lost nearly a decade of his life.” Bergdahl, who pleaded guilty last month, has a job offer from an animal sanctuary and may get a gig helping a military official design survival training, the AP reports.

While a life sentence was on the table and prosecutors were asking for 14 years in military prison, Bergdahl’s defense argued he had been punished enough during five years of tortuous captivity at the hands of the Taliban and “probably should not have been in the Army” due to an undiagnosed severe personality disorder. President Trump had called for the “dirty rotten traitor” to be executed in comments Nance called “disturbing.” (The judge rejected a request to dismiss the trial over Trump’s comments, but said he would factor them into sentencing.) Following Friday’s sentencing, the president tweeted: “The decision on Sergeant Bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our Country and to our Military.” Bergdahl is appealing his dishonorable discharge, which must be upheld by a general and the US Army Court of Criminal Appeals. If it stands, Bergdahl will lose most or all of his veterans’ benefits.

Trump being an idiot and ignorant of the UCMJ, that his interference in the process probably had a lot to do with the decision….he should have done something that he is incapable of doing….shutting the Hell up.  But if spout off maybe he should bone up on the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ)…..

I also read that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a “gold mine” of intelligence, helping the military better understand insurgents and how they imprison the enemy, two agents testified Tuesday as defense attorneys sought to show the soldier’s contributions since he was returned in a prisoner swap.

That also could have been taken into consideration when the decision was made.

I also read a piece by a Viet vet that wondered off camp in Vietnam and what he had to say about Bergdahl…….

Let us stipulate in advance that young men are often foolish. This I know because I have been both young and foolish.

Let us further stipulate that under the stress of war, foolish young men often do stupid things. This I know because I have done stupid things while a young fool under the stress of war.

Like me, Bowe Bergdahl was also a foolish young man, and under the stress of war he did a stupid thing. The stupid thing he did was to walk off his post, and disappear into the waiting arms of the Taliban. There are conflicting accounts as to why he walked away. In his own account, it had to do with what he described as “poor leadership” in his battalion. How walking away was supposed to change that is unclear, but apparently he hoped to trudge 18 miles to find a general who would listen to his objections. We can only smile at the fantasy of a general taking seriously the complaints of a PFC against his superiors.

WE can condemn but without knowing all the facts about why did what he did then we are doing a disservice to the man.

He is paying for what he did and he has to live with his action…….. a chore I do not envy.


8 thoughts on “Bergdahl…..Period

  1. I wouldn’t rush to condemn him, as I have never been in the military. However, on a general point, no prison term for desertion in a combat zone does set a trend that may possibly be of influence to others. Like most stories these days, we might never get to the bottom of what really happened.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I think the derision had something to do with the interference of the prez in telling judges what to do….not a smart move….in the UCMJ has a provision for such a bonehead move….chuq

      1. Once he starts his life out of prison, a free man, do you really think he’s going to care? Anyone who is so self-centered as to pull such a stunt will not change his spots so easily.

      2. I wish I could answer than question…..but I would hope that he would think about those troops that went in harm’s way in search of him… may be right about him. chuq

  2. Of course Trump being an idiot is ongoing… but I tend to agree here regarding Bergdahl. He wandered off not to desert, he wandered off not to aid and abet the enemy, he obviously left post and that’s a UCMJ violation for sure… and there might be some issue of mental health and stupid judgement. Trump’s determination that he deserves a firing squad is pure Trump idiocy. Actually, the idea of the guys sent out to rescue him was a separate military mission,although most assuredly triggered by Bergdahl’s action, of course. Although everyone feels good knowing they rescued a comrade-in-arms in such situations, and most every soldier will risk his life to rescue another from the hands of the enemy, there will be times when the mission will call for rescuing an “idiot-in-arms” (as in this case), or a flat out traitor for purposes of trying them as a criminal after they are rescued… or re-captured by us. The mission is “bring the man home”; not pass judgement as to why you might be bringing him home.
    But.. we are all human and will believe what we believe to give us motivation. I think his sentence was fair. It’s not like the military had to make some example of this guy; it’s not like soldiers are walking off post en masse for lunatic reasons or otherwise.

    1. I think Trump’s interference thru Twitter had something to do with the judgment….he should have kept his fingers to himself and it might would have turned out differently….chuq

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