The Treason Of Arnold

On this day, 21 September 1780…..Benedict Arnold gave up the plans to Wset point to Brit agent, John Andre…..

Most Americans know all about the treason of Benedict Arnold…one of those stories that we are taught in school from the very beginning….it is suppose to teach us a lesson about loyalty and patriotism.

Most Americans know that he, Arnold, betrayed his country but for what…..

This is where the old professor comes to the rescue with one of his now famous history lessons…..

Two years have elapsed since we left Washington at White Plains, where he encamped soon after the battle of Monmouth. During the two years little was done in the North but watch Clinton, who held the city of New York. A few minor operations, however, were not without significance. Sullivan’s raid into the Indian country we have noticed. Another exploit of this same general, occurring at an earlier date was less successful. The only part of the United States held by the British in the autumn of 1778, aside from Manhattan Island and a few western posts on the frontier, was Newport, with the island on which it stands. This was occupied by Sir Robert Pigott with a garrison of six thousand men, and Washington determined to make an effort for its recovery. He sent Sullivan with fifteen hundred picked men, who were to cooperate with a French fleet under Count d’Estaing, lately arrived in American waters. Sullivan’s army was increased to several thousand by New England volunteers, and success seemed to be in reach when a terrific storm crippled and scattered the fleet, and the project came to naught.

Source: Benedict Arnold

Pride and ego can drive men to do despicable things….and one of the most despicable is the betrayal of one’s country.


2 thoughts on “The Treason Of Arnold

  1. Unlike the Loyalists who fought with the British from the start, Arnold changed sides, and his name has been infamous ever since. I enjoyed the article, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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