Iran Awaits!

Trump has made his speech to the UNGA….he pretty much threatened the world that is not siding with the US….North Korea took a hit…..terrorists took a hit….and then there was Iran.

He made it clear that he does not like the nuke deal that the US has with Iran……and he made sure to stress that he would be making a decision on this situation….and soon.

I wrote about the deal and how Iran was complying with the guidelines awhile back…..July 2017 to be exact.

Source: Dammit! Iran! – In Saner Thought

But in case that post is not enough for some…..there has been a reaffirmation that Iran is complying completely to the nuke deal……

Amid expectations that President Trump is going to decertify the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, refusing the admit to Congress that Iran is complying, US Strategic Command chief Gen. John Hyten has affirmed that Iran is fully complying with the terms of the deal.

Gen. Hyten was speaking about the deal at an event for the Hudson Institute, saying Iran’s compliance was not a questionable fact, and insisting that US “concerns” regarding Iran are separate from the nuclear deal.

Hyten said the US and its allies had concerns about Iran developing and testing conventional ballistic missiles. Admitting that this is not a violation of the nuclear deal is significant, as Trump Administration officials have often linked the two issues.


Late yesterday Trump announced that he had finally made his decision on Iran…..

A day after calling the Iran nuclear deal an “embarrassment” and “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions” in US history, President Trump says he’s made a decision on the future of the deal. But he wouldn’t say what that decision is, ABC News reports. “I have decided,” Trump told reporters Wednesday. “I’ll let you know what the decision is.” The Iran nuclear deal was done under President Obama and allows Iran to have limited nuclear development in exchange for easing of sanctions on the country. Gen. John Hyten, the top general in US Strategic Command, says Iran is upholding its part of the bargain. “The facts are that Iran is operating under the agreements the we signed up for,” the Hill quotes Hyten as saying Wednesday.

In his own speech to the UN on Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani called Trump’s Tuesday speech to the international body—in which the American president labeled Iran a “murderous regime”—”ignorant, absurd, and hateful,” the Washington Post reports. The Iranian president didn’t mention Trump by name, instead referring to him as a “rogue newcomer to the world of politics.” Rouhani said Iran is seeking peace and won’t be the first to leave the nuclear deal. He later told reporters Iran doesn’t expect the US to back out of the deal either, according to Reuters. “We don’t think Trump will walk out of the deal despite (his) rhetoric and propaganda,” Rouhani said.

It will be of interest to me to hear what his decision is……hopefully there is a real decision and not some ply to change the tone of the coverage….a misdirection.

Decertify?  Seriously?

Does he seriously believe that punishing Iran for complying to the treaty is somehow a good move?

Trump already has a major nuke problem with North Korea……does he propose making it compounded into two major problems?


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