The American Left: Wrong About Everything?

Since my early days in politics I have been what some call a “Lefty”…..but that by NO means implies that I am a liberal……and since they are equating liberal with progressive then I am not one of them either.

I have had harping that the Left has done many things wrong in the last 50 years and the problem is they learn nothing by each of their failures.

I read a good article in the LA Progressive about this feeling of mine…..

For lots of people like me, the world has been turned on its head over the last few years. In fact, the whole damn century thus far has been pretty puzzling.

We started out by electing the village idiot as our leader, a rich man’s kid who had demonstrated little in the way of intelligence or competence in anything he’d ever done up to that point. Then we re-elected him despite the fact that he had, in his first term, invaded the wrong country in response to a big terror attack he’d neglected to prevent, having been on vacation the entire month preceding those assaults on New York and the Pentagon.

He bungled another more natural disaster in New Orleans and nearly oversaw the tanking of the global economy before he was sent on his way to retirement.

Then we elected a black guy, telling ourselves that we were, by so doing, turning ourselves into a “post-racial” society, at last. What happened instead, however, was that the ugly racist underbelly of the nation rolled over exposing that obscene white belly to the light of day.

Source: The American Left: Wrong About Everything? – LA Progressive

The Left needs to find a niche, there is one there, they just do not want to embrace it.

It is time for the US to have two distinct parties not two entities that are merely the different sides of the same coin.  We need a battle of ideas not a slap fight of slogans.

Both parties are a mess…..and yet we will elect another troll from within their ranks….weep for the country!


10 thoughts on “The American Left: Wrong About Everything?

  1. It seems that most western countries are stuck with a two-party system where the parties are hard to tell apart. The only antidote to that is a real working-class movement trying to reclaim some of the wealth, and distribute it fairly. I can’t see that happening anytime soon, unfortunately.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Generally speaking (and very generally speaking) the average voter tends to hold views on issues that are a mix of the traditional liberal/conservative hard lines. It’s one thing to espouse with pride that “My family has voted straight democratic (or republican) for generations and I am one of them forever!”.. and that’s fine during an election. But if you break things down to specific issues, that kind of hardline thinking doesn’t hold fast. In fact… take any issue currently in play and many folks couldn’t even tell you if their view is liberal or conservative in nature.. it’s just “their” view. I guess my point I am heading toward here is that maybe party platforms/philosophies might be best served adapting in some different manner other than constantly trying to fit all issues into simply two neatly defined parties.. much the idea Pete is making with his remarks above. For example, I am sure there are conservatives out there who don’t want that Wall on the southern border just as there are liberals out there who DO want a Wall.

    I have no answers or suggestions offhand other than I hope we don’t get defined simply by economic class alone like our Brit friends… the constant struggle of the working class in their attempt to spread the wealth of the rich who don’t somehow deserve it. I don’t see America as being one economic class struggle against the other but rather an environment of choice in how one wishes to succeed, and to define that success in more than just economic ways. But that’s just me.

  3. Yeah — weep for the country — but don’t forget to laugh all the way to the bank while “The Troll” that we have elected keeps on moving the stocks and bonds higher and higher ….That is my kind of troll, folks … that is my kind of stock market! We’ve never had it so good in many years as we have had it under Trump and yet the snivelers who hate him still bleed snot from their noses over him.

    1. Well, John.. we rightly could give credit for the raging stock market to the President if, in fact, he had any contribution toward it other than simply being here during a period of economic growth. The markets were already on an upward swing during the last guy.. and simply carried forward. Nothing Trump has done has affected the markets directly one way or the other. But he’s taking credit for it simply because it was on his watch. He certainly had no grand economic strategy… and all those so-called reversals of all those Obama decrees have been pretty inconsequential to the markets.

  4. If some Left Wing idiot were in the White House right now there would be no end to the lamestream media and everybody else with a finger on the propaganda button extolling his fiscal sainthood and his extraordinary fiscal policies and his great financial knowledge and leadership in all things financial and every last bit of a rising economy would be painted across his forehead by his minions just like he was some kind of miracle maker or something ….The truly Trump hating media will always make the claim the economy was “already” in recovery when Trump took office as if he had nothing to do with it at all … this is not rocket science and people are not such fools that they cannot see through these lame leftist word games.

    1. The Left is doing the same thing as the Right…..iut is all word games around this situation……chest thumping….both sides are doing nothing to make it better….chuq

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