World War 2–The Big Ones

Speaking of war……..

The war of the “Greatest Generation”…..when American went to war against Germany and Japan and to a small part Italy…..sad that was 80 years ago and slowly those that fought that war are disappearing….soon their voices will be gone and I am afraid so will be the caring of a nation.

When yopu talk to younger people about that war and ask to name a few of the big battles you get a wide array of answers but the one the they remember will be D-Day and Pearl Harbor….

So I ask….what were the big battles of World War 2?

World War II was the greatest conflict in history, carried out on a scale almost impossible to grasp. In many ways it was the first modern war, in which airpower played a vital role both on land and at sea, but many actions were ultimately won by the determination and grit of the foot soldier. Here’s the whole vast panoramic epic of the Second World War presented in 20 of its most significant battles.

Source: The 20 Most Important Battles of World War II

I try to keep my readers informed……especially about our many wars….hopefully some one will do the same of our other wars… should never forget the sacrifices that our soldiers made for their country.

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6 thoughts on “World War 2–The Big Ones

  1. It seems that only Americans mention American GI’s as the generation.

    While their sacrifices should be respected what are than those that fought in other wars after WWII?

    Are they less because they fought in less “popular” wars like Vietnam, Iraq

    1. Sorry for the abrupt ending of my answer. Smartphone quicker than my stylus.

      Edit:Greatest Generation

      You worry about US education on this subject.
      If education is only knowing the battles and who fought against who it is doomed to engage people less and less.
      Like the list you placed about a number of WWII battles the civilian who is Coughton in the middle of all this is left out.
      The personal experience of civilian and soldier is of utmost importance.
      From unpersonal, to personal.

      These are the stories that touch people and make people think on a deeper level.

      I place a link of the May 4 and 5 committee in the Netherlands that can give you more information about how we view this:

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