One, Two, Three, What Are We Fighting For?

Well I don’t Give a Shit

Just Get us Out Of Tikrit

A take on an old antiwar song from Country Joe and The Fish……

With the news these days on Russia, North Korea, storms, etc… would think by the lack of any news that the War on Terror must be won or is over……well it is NOT either.

There has little to nothing about ISIS or Iraq or Syria in weeks…I guess it is true…..”outta sight, outta mind”….

I understand the desire for revenge against those that carried out the attacks…..we got the bastards that did this despicable act….why did it have to go any further than that?

So now the question begs being asked……(see title)…..or just what are we accomplishing?

I used to command soldiers. Over the years, lots of them actually. In Iraq, Colorado, Afghanistan, and Kansas. And I’m still fixated on a few of them like this one private first class (PFC) in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2011. All of 18, he was short, scrawny, and popular. Nine months after graduating from high school, he’d found himself chasing the Taliban with the rest of our gang. At five foot nothing, I once saw him step into an irrigation canal and disappear from sight — all but the two-foot antenna on his radio. In my daydreams, I always see the same scene, the moment his filthy, grizzled baby face reappeared above that ditch, a cigarette still dangling loosely from his lips. His name was Anderson and I can remember thinking at that moment: What will I tell his mother if he gets killed out here?

And then… poof… it’s 2017 again and I’m here in Kansas, pushing papers at Fort Leavenworth, those days in the field long gone. Anderson himself survived his tour of duty in Afghanistan, though I’ve no idea where he is today. A better commander might. Several of his buddies were less fortunate. They died, or found themselves short a limb or two, or emotionally and morally scarred for life.

Source: In the “War on Terror,” What Are We Killing and Dying For?

All I can see that is being accomplished is the rotation ordinance….the waste of billions….and the abuse of troops.

At what point does anyone care?


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