ANTIFA: Out Of The Shadows

Return with me to days of high adventure, the 1920’s Europe, roaming gangs on the Right would meet the roaming gangs of the Left in massive street violence……..chuq

Gulf South Free Press

A few weeks ago it was reported that a few thousand neo-Nazis, KKK and other assorted fascists were going to Virginia to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee…….with that report a group known as ANTIFA decided that they would show up to protest the protest.

Before we go any further maybe here would be a good place to define the ANTIFA for those that know mlittle of this organization……

They wear black pants and sweatshirts, with either helmets or hoods over their heads, bandanas across their faces — and dark sunglasses, goggles or gas masks over their eyes. Many carry makeshift shields and flags, whose staffs can quickly become weapons.

They call themselves “antifa,” short for anti-fascist, and they’re part of a loosely organized national network of anonymous anarchists. The movement during much of this decade has been a common sight at Bay Area…

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2 thoughts on “ANTIFA: Out Of The Shadows

  1. Good discussion & information, & it IS a good thing there are those among the public who will stand up to violent evil. I can only wish they wouldn’t make the assumption their end justifies the means they use to achieve it. In my opinion, that phrase is all too often used to justify one’s own prejudices, rather than to achieve some noble end. By using such tactics, they become the very thing against which they struggle in others.

    If they are willing to use their staffs and numbers to DEFEND, that is one thing, and possible to achieve what a true anarchist believes in, which is a consensus of common decency. Sadly, very few understand that true anarchy merely means a society which governs itself, because every member governs their own self, not just their self interest…. Anarchy means, literally, “government without leaders”, thus removing any hierarchy. No single member is more, or less important or valuable than any other, no matter what social function they fulfill. All social functions help the society at large, and the individual benefits thereby.

    But, it’s a concept which isn’t popular in a world in which personal responsibility is, frankly, unknown to the greatest majority of society’s members. The word itself is understood by just as few…. The world we live in seems intent on maintaining all sorts of hierarchies, whether religious, national, or just differences in skin color…

    Silly humans….

    gigoid, the dubious

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