Closing Thought–08Sep17

Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season!

My weekend begins tomorrow and as it is the hurricane season there is another one that is bearing down on the Gulf South, Hurricane Irma.

Irma is another bitch like Katrina…..big and strong……

For those people that do not deal with hurricanes on a regular basis…there are a few things to keep in mind……

  1. If you haven’t shopped yet, shop now: He recommends a minimum of seven days’ worth of food and water, an AM/FM portable radio, one LED flashlight per person, an LED lantern or two, and lots of batteries.
  2. Shop online: Local stores may be running low on the above; try shopping via Amazon, which could get supplies to you by Saturday with two-day Prime shipping.
  3. Document: Take photos of every room in your home, with specific photos of anything of value, from important documents to computers. Upload the photos to the cloud.
  4. Embrace your dishwasher: It can double as a good “safe” to store valuables or photo albums (which should be first double-bagged in plastic); your washer and dryer can be utilized in this way, too.
  5. Be realistic about your cellphone: Don’t expect it to be your lifeline. Harvey disrupted Texas’ mobile system, and your battery could die. You need that aforementioned radio to stay informed. Designate someone out-of-town (an easier call to place than in the zone) to be the point person your family or group will check in with.
  6. Move your car: Think about the safest spot to leave it. A parking garage is best. Under a tree is the worst.

Read Norcross’ full list, which ends with his most crucial piece of advice—identify a safe place to weather the storm immediately—here

And pray for those that may be in the path of this storm…..

Be well….Be Safe!  chuq


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