America’s First Black President

I remember when that was said about Bill Clinton….and today it sounds as moronic as it did back in the late 20th century.

I never understood why so many Black people think so highly of Clinton (that would be Bill not Hill)…..of all Americans he screwed them far more than any of the others.

His determination to make his Wall Street donors happy he helped remove Glass-Steagall which lead to the crash in 2008…but the on that I think was his worse path was for welfare reform….

This is a piece from 1997…..

I HATE welfare. To be more precise, I hate the welfare system we had until last August, when Bill Clinton signed a historic bill ending “welfare as we know it.” It was a system that contributed to chronic dependency among large numbers of people who would be the first to say they would rather have a job than collect a welfare check every month—and its benefits were never enough to lift people out of poverty. In April of 1967 I helped Robert Kennedy with a speech in which he called the welfare system bankrupt and said it was hated universally, by payers and recipients alike. Criticism of welfare for not helping people to become self-supporting is nothing new.

Source: The Worst Thing Bill Clinton Has Done – The Atlantic

To this day he is still held in high regards by Blacks and I still cannot see it.  He did nothing to make the poor less so….he did grease the palms of his high price donors at the expense of the nation’s poor.

He will never be high on my list of presidents.

14 thoughts on “America’s First Black President

      1. Thank you for the always informative postings. its a pleasure to read and share with all the others. Have great last days of these week ahead. ,-) Michael

  1. He is also one of the biggest liars. I remember when Obamacare was struggling to get passed he and BarryO had a TV ad saying that Obamacare would create jobs because if the employers did not have to offer health insurance they could hire more people with the savings. Huh ? Pure trickle down economics of republicans. They won’t hire more people. The enhanced profits will allow them to invest in non job creating things like stocks, gold and property. Same was doneby business with republicans tax cut of pre Billaryhillary and BarryO. Lies, lies, lies.

  2. I never liked the man. He seemed to me to epitomise the puppet politician, controlled by those who financed him to get into office.
    Regards, Pete.

  3. I can’t understand why so many black people will faithfully vote for Democrats when it was the Democrats who opposed the civil rights acts of the 1950s and 60s, Democrats who started the Civil War, Democrats who opposed Reconstruction of The South — etc., etc., etc.

    1. Low info voters just like whites…..I have been nursing a broken foot and went to visit your blog and it is gone….did I miss something? chuq

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