They All Fall Down

It appears that we are once again ass deep in the civil rights thing from years ago….and as always we are re-fighting the Civil War….the thing now is that to ward off any possible source for protests governments are deciding to remove the statues of so-called “heroes” of the Civil War….you know people like Lee, Forrest, etc….

I read an article in the Federalist that made some goods points about this mash-up over monuments.

Initially well-intentioned, the movement for historical erasure is picking up steam and will soon be speeding out of control. We should use caution before sweeping too much of our history away from the public eye.

Source: If We Topple Every Statue Of An Imperfect Person They All Come Down

While  I agree that some of the statues should come down but not all of them…..history is history and even ugly history deserves its place.  There is a difference between history and heritage., although the PC crowd would have us believe they are one in the same.

If the monument celebrates a battle, a birthplace or a place of death then these should remain….but if it is a statue to celebrate a white guy that was pissed because he lost a war then it needs to go.

If the monument’s only purpose is hate then it needs to go down and soon.


8 thoughts on “They All Fall Down

  1. I read the article, and agreed with much of what he says, of course. Especially “Where does it end?”
    I presume the New York district of Bedford-Stuyvesant must soon be renamed, given the Dutchman’s slavery connections? Even more important to do so, as so many of the residents are African-Americans, who surely resent living in a place named after a slave-trader.
    This is becoming a helter-skelter of political correctness, driven by people who will not be satisfied until nothing is what it was. The whole point of history is to remind us of the past, good and bad. But they have missed that point, completely.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. WE would still have the obstructionism…..that would not have changed but it would be different batch yelling its evils tendencies….chuq

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