State Run Media

Is it possible that we could be getting a state run news outlet?

Back during the campaign and shortly after he took office I wrote about the possibility of a Trump News Network…..there were several ways that he, Trump, could set up his own news network

Source: A Step Closer To Trump TV – In Saner Thought

We have a bit of a network dedicated to Trump and his views…it is a YouTube channel…..for now it is called “Trump Breaking News Network”……

Well news has come out that a company, a broadcast company, is in the move to push the Trump agenda disguised as news.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, the Sinclair Broadcasting group cut a deal with Jared Kushner for “good” coverage of the Trump Administration, which seems to have paid off.

Politico reported last December:

Sinclair would broadcast their Trump interviews across the country without commentary, Kushner said. Kushner highlighted that Sinclair, in states like Ohio, reaches a much wider audience — around 250,000 viewers[sic]— than networks like CNN, which reach somewhere around 30,000.

With Fox News suffering several major setbacks in the past year, Sinclair Broadcasting is making moves to become the new giant of right-wing media. Many are now calling Sinclair ‘Trump TV.’

Source: ‘Classic Propaganda’: Sinclair Broadcasting Pushes Aside Fox News to Become ‘Trump TV’ | Common Dreams

Sinclair if successful will be able to push the Trump news to about 72% of the nation.  There will be mandatory stories on these local stations that carry the Trump view and of course will be pushing that the MSM is the enemy and a purveyor of fake news.

They have even hired the communications officer of the RNC as their chief political analyst…if this comes about then we are running close to having state controlled media….and I do not believe that is what the Founders had in mind… you?

Of course my more radical Right wing brethren will argue that the MSM is already pushing the “liberal” agenda….and I will say that I can see why they claim such….but I do not think that these main stream media outlets are always pushing fake news…I will admit that they do have a tendency to be used as a propaganda tool….but most are doing their jobs whether we like their reports or not…..

This still smells like some sort of authoritarian power grab to me.

14 thoughts on “State Run Media

  1. No different than Ted Turner founding a 24 hrs cable news network called CNN. I don’t see anything authoritarian about Trump paying for his own network of only good Trump news. Keep in mind.. if he wants to make money at it he needs advertisers, and he will only be able to charge advertisers at a rate based on his market share of viewers. If viewers aren’t interested… yada, yada, adios.
    That Youtube RNC thing Trump has recently ex-CNN right wing consultant, Kayleigh McEnany as anchor. Lots of biased reporting there for sure.
    I’d not worry. Trump doesn’t do anything unless there’s a profit.
    I am VERY much for a high school course on critical thinking and interpreting truth in news reporting.

    1. She will be the head analysts on the new Sinclair Broadcasting……plus stations they own will have to report the things they are told….while I do not care for the MSM I do think that most of the reporters are trying to report the news not some agenda that is told to them…..chuq

  2. The system allows for rich people to buy things, and to broadcast pretty much what they like. Over here, we have the media dominated by a company under the overall control of one man, Rupert Murdoch. He runs newspapers, commercial TV stations, the only viable satellite TV option, as well as supplying broadband, and phone lines. But there is always the BBC, which is still ‘accountable’. (Just about)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We have rules about how much of the sector a company can own….but that is under attack since Trump came to office….the same man that is trying to kill net neutrality is the same man that will make the decision….not looking good….chuq

      1. The good works come from you, and I appreciate you keeping us all informed. Namaste Mr. Chuq.

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