GOP Abandons All Pretense

Many years now I have been saying that the GOP is full of hypocrites….and recently they have proved it in a big way.

For ages the GOP has pretended that the military and our veterans were something special and heroes for their service…..

Every election they salute our veterans and use them as political props….but since the election of Donald J. Trump there has been a bit of a push back against these false narratives.

Recently head of the NSC has been attacked by the GOP and some within the party because he threw some of the alt-Right people out of the Council…..Even military veterans inside Trump’s own White House are not immune. Retired Gen. H. R. McMaster, Trump’s National Security Adviser and a Silver Star recipient, has been attacked by the far right after he fired some extreme nationalists from the NSC.

Then there is John McCain after his cancer diagnosis….RNC member Diana Orrock retweeted a call for McCain, who is being treated for brain cancer, to “please just fucking die already.” Alt-right communities online openly celebrated his diagnosis, calling it “godly justice.”

And these are just a few examples of the crap they are spreading……

Source: GOP smears a Silver Star general, Purple Heart veteran, and former POW in week of shame – Shareblue

Looks like their heroes are only heroes when they are useful….like I said f*cking hypocrites!

The GOP is killing itself…..a party ideas in the past they have become a party of opposition only…..NO real agenda on anything….just words in a campaign ad.

All this division within the White House is not getting anything done to “Make America Great Again”!

You people that voted for this clusterfuck asked for and now you have.



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