Afghanistan 2017

The forgotten war….that is what Afghanistan has become.  Americans hear very little about their longest war unless it is news that cannot be ignored.

What are the options that Afghanistan has when dealing with the Taleban?

There are not many options at all….below link has a couple to consider……

The Taliban has seen continuous conflict for over two decades now and despite its overthrow in 2001 by the United States and the 2013 death of its founder Mullah Omar, remains a potent force within Afghanistan.  The Taliban is currently estimated to hold more territory than at any time since 2001.

Option #1:  Enter negotiations with the Government of Afghanistan (GOA).  Although announcing their intentions not to participate in peace talks, the Taliban, or factions within it, have previously indicated a willingness to engage in negotiations to achieve political goals.  This is evidenced by their opening of a political office in Doha, Qatar and engagement in talks in 2014 among other events.

read on…….

Source: Options for a Future Strategy for the Afghan Taliban | RealClearDefense

Everywhere think tanks are trying to make sense of Afghanistan and most offer papers on what the US needs to do to be successful in the country (if that is truly possible)…….

Source: Rightsizing expectations: U.S. policy options for Afghanistan

Just ducky….but there is another option that the US could take……

The generals asked President Trump for a surge of 5,000 troops for Afghanistan, America’s 16-year-long lost war. But the buck doesn’t stop at the Trump White House. Trump told the generals, “You decide.” The White House gave the go-ahead for another surge.

“Only” 5,000 troops, supposedly to help the peace process. Kill and bomb more people to encourage people to negotiate for peace. Do you believe it?

We Americans are persistent. But when it comes to wars, we exhibit perseveration, defined as “the inappropriate persistence or repetition of a thought or action.”

Source: Buzz Davis: Admit defeat in Afghanistan and engage the United Nations | Column |

Me?  I would pull a GW and declare “Mission Accomplished” and bring the troops home.

I would agree with the use of the UN if only there were not a group of five that control everything it does.  If it were truly a body of “united nations” then maybe a real compromise or solution could be found….but we know that is not going to happen so….bring the guys and gals home and turn our backs to the landscape of Afghanistan.


12 thoughts on “Afghanistan 2017

  1. Afghanistan is the war that has never gone away. It seems that one country or another is destined to be fighting there until the end of time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Afghanistan, like Iraq, is a situation that was very winnable early on but will not go down as a failure unless something drastic changes. The mission has been murky, at best, and for the most part has followed the kill/capture theme that permeated itself in the war in Vietnam as well. Unfortunately, when you focus on such a brutally short sighted ideal as body counts and detainees, you aren’t going to win very many hearts and minds.

    I just finished reading a book about Major Jim Gant and his “One Tribe at a Time” strategy. I did some research on it as well and think its an absolute shame that it was not more heavily adopted by ISAF politicians and tacticians. If implemented at the beginning of the war, who knows what could have happened… and even if fully invested in later when Major Gant’s paper came out and theory was successfully tested, it could have turned the tide of the whole ordeal. Unfortunately, it appears we will never know and we will leave Afghanistan likely more unstable than we found it.

    There is no one political party to blame here either… they both blew it. Neither President Bush or Obama had a clear and tenable strategy to stabilize Afghanistan and made fatal flaws. I imagine it will be more of the same for President Trump. We need more forward thinkers giving advice like David Petraeus and Jim Gant instead of the same military thinking from the top that has led us into this quagmire.

    1. I have been saying that for about a decade……there are some rules to avoid a ware…one of them is never start a war you are not willing to finish… far we are not ready….thanx for the visit and comment….please stop by again….chuq

      1. I read Trump’s plan. It seems both good (to change the rules of engagement) and horrible (no plans to withdraw soon). It seems like we will continue to be trapped in a war that has been fought for hundreds of years. AND there was already so much decommissioning of American bases during the Obama administration (for example, the FOB I helped build) that the flip-flopping between administrations is only costing money and American lives with no forward progress. It’s frustrating.

      2. It seems very reminiscent of Vietnam; no American in power wanted to admit that we were in over our heads. We lost that war, and we are losing this one. The sunk cost fallacy comes to mind.

      3. Similar in more ways that most want to admit….micro management something that doomed Hitler….and it will never get any cheaper… time to come home and watch cartoons….chuq

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