The Fall Of Constantinople

This day in history, 29May1453, the city of Constantinople falls to the forces of the Ottoman Empire ……..(Did not post on the day because it was dedicated to our fallen soldiers)…….

GREEKS still consider Tuesday an unlucky day. May 29th 1453, was a Tuesday; the day that Constantinople, the place they called—and often still call—the queen of cities, or simply “the city” was overrun by the Ottoman forces that had bombarded its mighty walls for the past 40 days.

In the history of warfare, this was a watershed. It proved that gunpowder could batter down the strongest walls enough to let the attackers in; the age of immobile, iron-clad soldiers defending big stone fortresses was over. But far more was over than that.

Source: The fall of Constantinople | The Economist

What is better than learning something new?

I turn to the day…..the day when we set aside some time to remember our war dead…..these troopers gave their all….we can ask no more than from our troops.

May their memories be a source of strength for us all.

Happy Memorial Day.

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