Closing Thought–26May17

Then There Is All That “Fake News”!

And boy you want some fake news then I suggest you visit some random Right wing blog….does not matter which one they all have the same posts about the same subject…the topic du jour, if you will.

This past election has seen its share of “fake news”……no it was not invented for the 2016 election….it has been around in force since the Clinton years…..probably longer….in fact it has been around for about 100 years.

Think fake news is a new phenomenon? Think again. Dr David Clarke from Sheffield Hallam University looks at a 100-year-old story that fooled the world.

Fake news, false stories that masquerade as real news are not new.

In the spring of 1917 some of Britain’s most influential newspapers published a gruesome story that has been called “the master hoax” – and I think we finally have proof about where it came from.

Britain was at the time trying to bring China into the war on the Allied side.

Source: The corpse factory and the birth of fake news – BBC News

Like so many disgusting things “fake news” was born in the heat of war.

See what you think is new is really a recycled product from an age gone by….

And so begins my Memorial Day weekend….me and my better half will spend some time doing things that adults do (use your imagination…wink….wink).

Enjoy your days with family, food and some fun….chuq

16 thoughts on “Closing Thought–26May17

  1. My liberal friends (no longer friends) became enraged when I pointed out that the “8 Justices call Gorsuch unacceptable” was a complete fabrication. Then to read their commenters ” I am glad they stood up” and “glad they have good sense” and “I am so glad you posted this ” etc comments show a whole network of millions believing this. They don’t even check if stories are true. They are such Trump haters they jump at any chance to discredit him. Most don’t even know a thing about Gorsuch except that if Trump nominated him he must be an evil man. Obviously their anger at me is more their embarrassment for being duped. And their anger grows when I point out the falsehoods of more posts they put up. They should be embarrassed at their own stupidity.

    Do you know anything about this: as Presbyterians we have non alcohol grape juice at communion. I heard those Episcopalians serve martinis at communion. Do you know anything about this ? Then the Catholics do communion every day (not the sensible Protestant 4 times a year) and use real wine. How can they be Christians if they are drunk all the time and serve booze right there in the church ? Aren’t they creating alcoholic Christians ? This is no fake news. I heard they have statues in the church and gambling in the fellowship hall. Is this true or am I the victim of fake news too ?

    1. Sorry I cannot help with the religious questions…..there has been a lot about “fake news”….but most people as you say take whatever they read as gospel…..because it is what they want the issue to be… is “I believe therefore I am right”…..we are dumbing down the population…..and they embrace stupidity….so sad….chuq

      1. I think I would like to specialize in fake news on my blog. I think I will start it all off by writing an article that claims there is no corruption in the ranks of Liberals.

      2. I think I am about to quadruple my efforts because I am falling far behind the Left Wing. I have to run desperately to catch up now!

      3. Don’t run too fast they will slow down soon and you can catch up….LOL Have a good Saturday….time for some bacon and eggs and lots of coffee…..have a good Saturday….chuq

    2. You should see what they do in the darkness in the secrecy of their own cloisters when they think that nobody is watching or listening! Been there, done that!

  2. I am unhappy that I am spending the winter of my life having become a pessimistic old cynic. I just shake my head at so much insanity I think I must but a neck brace. This is major reason I don’t do political cartoon editorializing on my blog. A little chuckle at a silly cartoon is refreshing place for me to be in my own mind as well as for followers.

    1. I’m still firmly in the Spring of my life (Fake News Alert!) and I’ve been a pessimistic old cynic for decades….I shake my head so often, after I die, my brain will look as traumatized as an NFL player’s.

  3. Fake news is nothing new, as you rightly say. Ever since newspapers were invented, they have been going at it with relish. Before that, they had ‘fake news’ pamphlets. It’s much easier now, with the Internet.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Arguably, the biggest problem with the Web-pipes is that there are no filters. Anybody can say anything. No matter how ludicrous. No matter how unsubstantiated, or ill-motivated. And since everybody clusters inside their own like-minded bubbles…there is nothing to counter this.

    People now believe whatever the fuck they want and don’t have to worry about being corrected.

    1. I agree….these types have a saying….”I Believe Therefore I am Right”…..I read a few Right wing blogs when I can stomach them and you have hit the nail on the head……chuq

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