Another Missile, Another Threat

While Trump is schmoozing the Middle East the North Koreans have launched another missile….and the world stands on the brink (okay that was a bit melodramatic)……

North Korea fired off yet another missile on Sunday, but the latest salvo shot down South Korea’s new government’s hopes of extending any olive branch, reports Reuters. Combined with an earlier test in the week, Seoul’s foreign ministry was blunt, calling the tests “reckless and irresponsible actions throwing cold water over the hopes and desires of this new government and the international community for denuclearization and peace on the Korean peninsula.” The latest missile flew only about 350 miles, notes the BBC, toward the Sea of Japan. That range is shorter than those of the North’s last three launches.

With this success the world is looking toward a way to stop this from spiraling out of control…..but the rhetoric does not sound like looking for a way to control this situation…..

But let’s say that the worse comes into being… would the US respond to war with North Korea (this is a war hawk look at the possible situation)……

The Trump administration sees no good military options in North Korea.

The rogue regime’s missile tests are growing more frequent, and Kim Jong-Un is closer than ever to being able to deliver a nuclear-tipped missile to the United States’ West Coast.

Yet given Seoul’s proximity to the border, military leaders fear that any preemptive strike would almost certainly set in motion a cataclysmic chain of events resulting in profound loss of life.

Recently, the military has taken a back seat to the State Department, where U.S. officials continue to push diplomatic and economic measures, hopeful, with the help of China, it can pressure the regime to halt its provocations voluntarily.

Source: War with North Korea: An inside look at how U.S. troops would respond worldwide

A nightmare scenario…..all we can do is hope that saner minds will prevail before it comes to war.

Before that….what do we know about N. Korea’s nukes?

A good question and here are some answers…..and if you want to know then this is a pretty good source on the subject.

Source: North Korea’s nuclear weapons: Here is all we know | News | Al Jazeera

6 thoughts on “Another Missile, Another Threat

  1. As I explained in my post a few weeks back, it’s one thing to armchair how we might respond to a military conflict with NK… but in reality none of this adds up to me that such a conflict would ever start… unless there was some shoddy diplomacy and a failure to communicate properly.
    The goal here should NOT be an attempt to control the North’s ability to build and launch a nuke. The goal is to make Kim not want to launch any nukes against anyone in the first place. The goal should NOT be the sending of nuke inspectors into NK to roam around the place and making sure Kim doesn’t build any more nukes. The goal should be to keep Kim from WANTING to place a priority to build those things.
    Here’s the obvious as I see it.
    1. He wants world respect and a measure of prestige.
    2. Like all dictators he has no desire to.. a) lose power, and, b) die for his country. So by what logic should we seriously consider this less than Third World country any sort of threat to us? We can blow him out of existence with one nuke tied behind our back. Doesn’t it make a little bit of sense that he wants something from us?
    3. Over the years he has expressed nearly NO animosity toward South Korea, which logic suggests he might want to unify under HIS authority. But he has made no grand proclamations or overt threats toward a conquest of the South.
    4. The North is directly confronting the U.S. with military threats. He has made this all about NK and the U.S.
    No one else. Why do you think that is? He wants our respect.. and likely our business. Could it be that the last 60+ years has all been about the U.S. being on the peninsula and not about some grand conquest by the North of the South? Why the hell are we still on the peninsula? The South, by now, should be fully trained and equipped to defend themselves against an attack from the North. They have the technology, our backing, and most certainly can field more than a million soldiers given the greater population.
    5. If Kim truly wants to militarily provoke us then why build nukes when all he has to do is fire away with all that artillery aimed at Soul?
    6. South Korea has interestingly been keeping quiet and those folks are the one’s to lose the most. They aren’t even kicking us under the table to get us to shut up with the North… at least publicly. North Korea should be THEIR conflict.. not ours. This is NOT an issue of communism winning over democracy.. those days are over.

    A) Find out what Kim wants.
    B) Make him a reasonable deal to give him whatever it is.. likely in phases. Forget fighting over him building nukes. That’s not his issue anyway. We have alternative ways to gauge any military buildup he might do.

    See, chuq.. to me the problem is.. we are over there for no good reason… and we are way too worried about him and nuke technology speculation.

    1. When you’re a 3rd generation dictator, it’s unlikely you’re going anywhere, especially when China has your back. You can’t even expect Kimmy to say yes to a “golden parachute” (ie $10 billion and a private island) The only options are:

      1) Give him something he wants that you can tolerate giving him.
      2) Polonium sandwich. Even the polonium sandwich may just result in his kid (Does he have one?) taking power. So every option sucks.

      But it’s worth mentioning that Korea’s 60+ year stalemate has been perpetuated by America’s insistence on remaining on that front-line. If America had of left…oh…30-50 years ago…or even shortly after The Berlin Wall came down…the Korea’s would have been unified one way, or the other.

      As it stands, Kimmy can always point to the Great Satan on his border. It’s his blank cheque. He can blame America for every problem his country has & every mistake he’s ever made. America leaving may be the only solution. It may suck too, but leaving seems harder every decade.

  2. I have to agree with Doug on this one. Give him stuff, and make him feel good. The trouble is, one of those ‘test missiles’ might go south by mistake. Then we would have a real problem.
    Regards, Pete.

  3. You are right, Pete. Whether he is just trying to get attention or seriously testing these things one could go a bit nuts. And if we are somehow jamming signals to make these things go down we could equally as well jam a signal meant to destroy it if the trajectory goes off course… thus compounding the problem inadvertently.
    Obviously one of the responsibilities of evaluating intelligence is to know if your adversary is serious or just made a mistake… ala “Fail Safe”.

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