Andy Jackson’s Populism

Richard Nixon had his Lincoln……Reagan had his Calvin Coolidge…..of course the Dems have their JFK……and Trump has his Andrew Jackson……

It is time for one of the old professor’s history lessons…..(sighs and moans are heard)……

Our present president came to the pinnacle of power through populism……A political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against the privileged elite.

Trump has mentioned Jackson several occasions for his way of governing….he liked his populism……the American Conservative takes a closer look at Jackson and his so-called populism……

Andrew Jackson, the seventh president, doesn’t get much respect these days. The Obama administration last year announced unceremoniously that the Treasury Department would rip his visage from the face of the $20 bill, where it has resided since 1928. A New York Times writer, in reporting that action, referred to him as “a white man known as much for his persecution of Native Americans as for his war heroics and his advocacy for the common man.” A recent C-SPAN poll of historians on presidential performance had Jackson ranked at No. 18, a five-notch drop since a previous C-SPAN poll just a few years ago. Indeed, when the first such poll of academics was published in Life magazine in 1948, Old Hickory ranked up there at No. 6, and a 1996 poll had him at No. 5. He was considered one of the greats or at least near-greats. But no more. Such are the vagaries of presidential reputation in an era of political correctness.

Source: Andy Jackson’s Populism | The American Conservative

A look at history and a look at the Trump governing style…..keep in mind that TAC is a conservative magazine and any history will be through that prism….

Trump once elected has embraced the elites as long lost brothers….in other words his populism has changed nothing in DC perhaps has made it worse…..would Andy be proud?

10 thoughts on “Andy Jackson’s Populism

  1. It seems to me that as History changes people’s ideas about History change too. For example, we now consider Lincoln to be “The Great Emancipator” and he has his own marbled monument in Washington. I wonder if the day will ever come when the American People will remember his role in the murder of millions of Southerners in that thing we all call “The Civil War?” I wonder how the monument will fare if that should ever dawn on a mass of People. Will they rip his image off the One Cent piece then?

      1. Is Truman hailed as a delivering icon? If not, why not? A murderer? If not, why not?

      2. Depends on where you want to go with this…..Japan had lost before the bomb they were down to eating dogs and cats….they would have been starving in a less than a year. The bombs won the war and that is all that matters to most

  2. Andrew Jackson is not that well known over here, so I had another look at his life.
    Slave-owner, persecutor of native American tribes, and wealthy plantation owner.
    But he beat the British at the Battle of New Orleans, so that’s alright then.
    Not someone I would want to celebrate.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. actually the war was already over when the Battle of NO happened they just had not gotten word….he was an arrogant douche….chuq

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