Closing Thought–27Apr17

Recently New Orleans starting taking down some of the Civil War monuments….I have mixed emotions….one these should not be destroyed instead move them to a location and build a theme park around them….”How Not To Fight A War”…..believe it or not it is a heritage….a heritage that I think is disgusting but one nonetheless….

I bring this up because of something that your president has done…..but it has little to do with mortar and stone monuments (for now)…….

President Trump will sign an executive order on Wednesday instructing the Department of the Interior to review the designations of national monuments by his predecessors, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Trump’s order reportedly will instruct Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to examine those designations to determine whether they were within the scope of a century-old law that allows presidents to set aside federal lands without congressional approval.

The executive order is mainly geared toward reviewing President Obama’s designation of Bears Ears National Monument in Utah in December, according to the Tribune. The 1.35 million acre site was preserved due to its Native American heritage, but critics say Obama’s designation was an overreach of executive power.

Trump is expected to sign a broader series of executive orders on energy and the environment this week, following an executive order that began undoing Obama’s climate change agenda.

“I am taking an historic step to lift the restrictions on American energy, to reverse government intrusion and to cancel job-killing regulations,” Trump said last month.


This is a con job…the US has enough oil outlets without destroying anything else….but what can we expect from a “businessman” for a president?

Of course this one is more to rape the national parks for the oil than about our other monuments….but will it effect those waiting to be built?  Like the WW1 monument……

The one good thing is that it is an EO and can be flushed down the toilet with the rest of the toilet paper.

A musical interlude to end the day……an excellent album of my generation….Super Session…….

Enjoy the rest of your day…I am off like a dirty shirt….back in the morrow…peace out….chuq


4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–27Apr17

  1. Excellent music; one of my all-time favorites…. Couldn’t bring myself to do politics the day after playing with a two-year old. Just too much irony for me…. *grin* But, I got here.

    As for the Trumpette, as my friend Red would say… meh. He is deeply embroiled in the process of self-immolation, I would say….

    See ya mañana, amigo….


  2. I don’t like to see Civil War memorials removed or destroyed. Although it may now considered to be a war about slavery, the majority of the Confederates had never owned slaves. Many had never even owned shoes. Most were simply excited or brave men, who believed in the cause at that time. They did not have the benefit of education in a lot of cases, had rarely travelled beyond their town or state, and were swept up in a popular cause, whatever we may think of that, with hindsight.
    Are they going to remove the National Monument to Andrew Jackson too? He was a slave owning plantation owner who advertised rewards for escaped slaves. Perhaps they should demolish The Hermitage too, then remove all the statues of slave-owning notable Americans? I don’t like to see history being removed, when it becomes inconvenient or embarrassing. Imagine the outcry if Germany tried to remove all trace of the Holocaust.
    Perhaps they should burn all the photographic evidence of the US Internment camps for Japanese Americans, and remove all trace of Ku Klux Klan atrocities, or the subjugation of the Native American tribes? Where does it end?
    History is history, like it or not. We have to live with what went before.
    (As you can see, I feel quite strongly about this…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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