Art Of Blogging–IST Update

The news of the day is boring and redundant…..I can only stand so much blah-blah before I go into another universe in my head.

My weekend continues and I have nothing of value to contribute today… I will go off the cuff…..

I like to keep my readers up to date on what is happening here on IST…..

I started blogging in 2006 after a nasty fall that crush one of my legs and I needed something to keep my mind busy and off my problem….since I had been a teacher and did lots of writing I figured that I would take up my old vice… and commentary.

Things started off slowly…basically I used my blog to cut and paste news articles that I wanted to keep for reference…..after about a year I started getting comments on the stuff I had written….and then I started adding my thoughts backed up by links and facts and my comments improved and expanded…

Originally the title was Studies And Observations and then it went through a period of trying to find a better title and I finally settled on In Saner Thought…the title of a small book of poetry from my youth.

It was always pretty good at attracting people but few stayed around for long….most of the deserters were from my Twitter account not WP……..and then I installed the translation widget and my readership expanded rather rapidly….I am getting many more international visitors than before….I now have regulars from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Morocco… mention only a few….and I am thankful for their readership and comments.

I have always contended that I am no expert at this blogging thing….but as things have progressed I feel that IST has become a success….not as popular as I would want…but then we all think we are better at it than others….that ego trip we are all on when we write a blog.

Another aspect that I consider a success is in the comments…..they are great and I like to treat them as if I am speaking to the person directly not just throwing stuff at them.  Also those that comment also reply to replies…it strikes up a conversation between visitors……… I like that aspect also.

In the beginning most visitors were from English speaking countries but these days I am getting regulars from all over the globe…..I am also getting multiple re-blogs since the installation of the translation widget and that helps expand the conversation and exchange of thoughts.

Finally, recently I was contacted by Autumn of that asked if they could cross post one of my articles on their site…..I agreed and here is the link……

Source: Is Obama A Socialist?

That pretty much catches everyone up……and thank you guys for all the help to make IST a small success…..I cannot express my gratitude properly other than THANK YOU.

I apologize I just had to toot the IST horn a bit.

So ends another Sunday post….I will go out and work in the garden and get a little exercise in while my leg is feeling better…..may be a little brunch in the garden…..fruit, nuts, cheese and a little wine……enjoy your day, my friends…….

Be well and be safe….chuq


15 thoughts on “Art Of Blogging–IST Update

    1. Dear J.B…. Go to “My Sites” and then to “WP Admin” and then to “Widgets.” You will find “Google Translate” in the list of widgets. Just click on it and drag it up to your list of widgets and it should appear on your blog.

      1. I figured it out the second I hit send on Mr. Chuq’s blog, then couldn’t get the comment back. I should know how to get that widget from the widgets. And I do, guess I had a Alzheimer moment.

        Thank you for your help John.

  1. Wine in the garden sounds like a most excellent day, Sunday or any other…. And, thanks for the widget tip… Though I’ve never actively sought readership, it’s nice to be able to encourage them to come by & read what we’ve created. Mostly, I do it for my own therapeutic reasons, but, the conversations, and relationships developed over the years with the readers are, perhaps, the best part of the whole deal….

    Enjoy the day, my friend….

  2. Yes, a blog should be a “living, breathing thing”; but, only in the sense of the blogger’s own point-of-view, preferences and the blank screen in front of you. I appreciate the opportunity to dive-in to stories, ideas, issues, but without any constraints as to word count or air time.

    In 2012, I sifted from Financial to Political around th time of the Election, and then back to fi]]Finanaical and everything else. But with Donald, I feel like the political cartoonist, who had prepared to retire; but, then, he/she felt like they were years-and-years younger. Dumb idea-wise, TeumoCo is the gift that keeps giving.

  3. I have bailed out of Writerbeat after less than a week. Too many numbskulls, and nasty people. I no longer reply to any comments, as the ‘Crazies are out’ over there. (At least as far as my post was concerned)
    Regards, Pete.

    1. They are still commenting and you are right….some good responses and a bunch nuts that want to hear themselves babble…I never joined because they wanted to get to my Google account and I am a paranoid….LOL chuq

      1. Me too, chuq. Best avoided in my opinion. There was no advertising, so I wondered what the motivation was. Too many head cases for one site. I have ignored all comments since Saturday, and will be deleting any communication from August in future.
        Regards, Pete.

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