The Spicer Side Of Life

Okay in the last day the whole country has gone batcrap crazy over something that Sean Spicer said in his presser….it seems that he tried to compare Hitler and Assad but as usual he inserted a foot in mouth and his performance became the story of the day.

But in case you have been under your rock for 24 hours then let me help out……

Sean Spicer is being hit with a wave of criticism—the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is even calling for his firing—after he said Hitler wasn’t that bad compared to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, at least in one specific area. “Hitler didn’t even sink to the level of using chemical weapons,” Vox quotes the press secretary as saying during a press conference Tuesday. CNN reports there was an “audible gasp” from reporters following the comment. Understandable, because Hitler, in fact, used gas to kill millions of Jews in the Holocaust. He also used gas to kill disabled people and other groups.

Spicer only dug himself deeper when he attempted to clarify what he meant. “He was not using the gas on his own people in the same way that Assad is doing,” Spicer said. “He brought them into Holocaust centers, I understand that.” That clarification managed to invent a new term for concentration camps and possibly imply that German Jews were not real Germans. Spicer finally specified that he meant Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on the battlefield, USA Today reports. Despite insisting he wasn’t “trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust,” the Anne Frank Center is accusing Spicer of Holocaust denial. Spicer’s original point, now firmly buried by his invocation of Hitler, was that Russia shouldn’t continue to support Assad.

As a rational individual I believe I know what he was trying to say….no Hitler did not use gas on the battlefield but yes he did use gas on his people in the death camps…oh sorry we are calling them “Holocaust Centers” now…..

Now Spicer f*cked up…..he has walked back his screw up….now time to let it go.

The needed a new story for the facts on the missile strike was getting thin….so they needed something to fixate on and BAM!  Spicer made it happen.

But for my part Trump needs to find a new press sec because this is not the first time he has inserted his foot….Trump needs someone who can think on the fly without having to walk back everything he says daily.

He be sorry….now LET IT GO!


11 thoughts on “The Spicer Side Of Life

  1. This is really an overblown and unmerited attack on Spicer. The “I gotcha left” and press have manufactured this into a real scandal and have run endlessly with it all. Spicer merely stated even Hitler did not use gas militarily as Assad has which is true. That observation was in no way intended to minimized or ignore that gas chambers were used by the Nazis and for Jews and the media to feel offended or characterize his remarks as disrespectful and minimizing murder and suffering is an ill deserved character assignation of Spicer. He has been contrite beyond measure for something of which he was not guilty. He committed no gaffe.

    1. THe media needed something new…thew Syrian thing was winding down and there was not much left for them to talk about…..Spicer needs to go only because he is a major distraction something a SPOX is not suppose to be…..find someone who is quicker mentally. chuq

      1. It’s a tough job. I always kinda felt a press secretary was a president’s BSer, the feel gooder and apologist at the same time. Do these officials need fear the chopping block every time some subset of a population expresses its rage over a particular sentence or two ? Sure a set up for a short life span for any press secretary. Perhaps eliminate press secretary and president do his own weekly press conference.

  2. Spicer should join Conway and get off television. This is just another dumb comment to add to his already long list of dumb comments. Time for a new Press Secretary with a better idea of what the job requires.

    1. Yeah Kelleyanne is silent…..I like that she made more gaffs than Spicer… one would be a good idea…but good ideas are in short supply in this WH….chuq

  3. Whatever his intentions, he did a lot of harm to the government, so no bad thing. They do need someone sharper though, if they wish to impress the outside world. Maybe Jared Kushner should take over? 🙂
    Regards, Pete.

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