What’s The Syrian Endgame?

For many years I have been asking just what was the policy endgame for Syria.

Anyone that is a regular follower of IST will know that I have been questioning the US approach to the situation in Syria since the very beginning…..and now people are listening……

We know that we are arming rebels but no one is sure who of these groups is on the side of the world….plus we have been told the “Assad must go” and yet how will that be accomplished if he does not go willingly?

Obama was vague….Trump has been vague….but after the airstrike on Syria there is a bit more clarity…..

Seeking support from abroad, the U.S. struggled Monday to explain a hazy Syria strategy that has yet to clarify key questions: whether President Bashar Assad must go, how displaced Syrians will be protected and when America might feel compelled to take further action.

Successive attempts by top Trump administration officials to articulate a plan have only furthered the appearance of a policy still evolving, even after the U.S. broke with precedent last week by attacking Assad’s forces. In the absence of answers, other countries seem to be moving ahead on their own terms.

Source: What exactly is US Syria policy? Big questions for allies – ABC News

But wait there is so much more……

At a White House presser, Spicer, elaborated on the new Syrian policy…….when pushed by reporter……

“The goal for the United States is twofold,” Spicer explained. “It’s, one, to make sure we destabilize Syria — destabilize the conflict there, reduce the threat of ISIS. But then, secondly, is create the political environment, not just within the Syrian people, but I think you can have — work with Russia in particular to make sure that they understand that Syria, backed up by Russia’s own accounting, should be held accountable for the agreements that its made with respect to its international agreements on chemical weapons alone.”

“Destabilize Syria”?  Seriously?

What the Hell has been going on for years there if not a destabilization?

“Create a political environment”?  Seriously?

Who would be part of this “political environment”?  Name one person, please.  (A post from a few days ago from IST)

Source: On Syria–Please Enlighten Us – In Saner Thought

The situation on the ground in Syria is complex…..more complex than DC wants to admit…….

On the night of Apr. 6, the US opened a third air campaign in Syria, targeting Bashar al-Assad’s air force. The US has been bombing the Islamic State and select al Qaeda targets in Syria since 2014. But the Syrian regime, which is responsible for most of the civilian casualties in the country, was not hit with America’s air power until President Trump drew a new red line over Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Two days earlier, on Apr. 4, Assad’s airmen dropped a chemical agent on citizens living in the town of Khan Shaykhun, which is in the northwestern province of Idlib. Trump expressed horror the following day. “It crossed a lot of lines for me. When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, little babies, with a chemical gas that is so lethal—people were shocked to hear what gas it was—that crosses many, many lines, beyond a red line, many, many lines,” Trump said, during a press conference alongside King Abdullah II of Jordan in the Rose Garden on Apr.

Source: Syria Policy Must Reflect the Complex Reality on the Ground | RealClearDefense

Eventually someone will admit that they have NO damn idea on what to do in Syria…..then the real work can begin.



9 thoughts on “What’s The Syrian Endgame?

  1. Of course, there is no end game for getting the US involved in Syria. There are no good guys worth supporting. Frankly, the US needs to sit this one out and clean up any messes that affects US or Israel national interests.

  2. Spicer is the worst press secretary in the history of press secretaries. With any other President he would have been fired long ago, but with this one it’s all good. He just feeds the chaos.

    1. I think he is suppose to feed the fire…..this admin will say and do anything to change the dialog….Spicer should leave and leave now…..chuq

  3. I doubt Syria could be destabilised any more than it has been already. As for the ‘end game’, it’s the same as it has always been. Global domination, and control of all natural resources.
    Regards, Pete.

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