You Are Screwed, Happy?

Closing Thought–04Apr17

There has been so much about our right to privacy on the internet and now it will be a thing of the past.

Pres. Trump has made it official……YOU NO longer have a right to privacy on the internet.

– In a move the ACLU has decried as putting “profits over privacy,” President Trump on Monday signed a repeal of former President Obama’s internet privacy rules, removing obstacles for internet service providers who wish to cull web browsing histories or other information from consumers, the AP and Reuters report. It was widely expected Trump would approve the pullback measure, which passed both the House and Senate last month. The repeal nixes an FCC regulation that would have forced ISPs to get consumers’ OK before using specific data for marketing purposes. Repeal supporters say the regulation held back innovation and was unfair to ISPs, considering internet companies like Google don’t have to ask consumers for permission before gathering similar data. Supporters also want oversight of internet privacy practices moved from the FCC to the Federal Trade Commission.

Elections have consequences….

In the words of Wild Bill Hickcock after killing a rival in a gunfight….”Are you happy now?”

Have a good evening…….


29 thoughts on “You Are Screwed, Happy?

  1. If you want something kept secret, then why in the world would you ever consider putting it on the internet? Hackers are born every day – you can’t possibly think it was the government’s original idea. They haven’t had a novel idea in many, many years! Once you tell a secret to one other person – it is no longer a secret.

    1. The problem is people are too complacent they do not consider what they are typing and it comes back to bite them in the butt….chuq

      1. Do you honestly feel that the media is at fault for people acting stupid? The media is as dumb as a box of rocks themselves.

      2. Yes I do because the way they report “news” most of it is gossip ergo the public is ignorant on most issues if they depend the media as a”source”….chuq

  2. What’s interesting though is the reaction to the repeal of the former privacy rules that had yet to go into affect. Take this with a grain of salt, but the major providers have said they didn’t sell browsing or personal user data to third parties before the Obama bill. They’ve also claimed that now that it has been repealed, they’re still not going to sell browsing or personal data to third parties. Makes me wonder why it was even necessary to waste time, money and effort on repealing it in the first place.

    No harm, no foul to me at this point, I’m already mostly encrypted across the board anyway and I doubt my ISP activity logs of connecting and disconnecting from a VPN are of any value to a third party, lol. Yes, I pay for my VPN; the free ones are sketchy.

    Verizon was the only major provider that admitted they had companies they owned that collected, anonymized and sold usage/browser data; since they are affiliates of Verizon, they’re technically not third-party. Sneaky play on words as technically “won’t sell to a third party” is accurate, but they’re still “sending” data to a third-party.

    1. Most people do not think that far ahead….so they put all their thoughts, dreams and info out there for all to find and use…..chuq

  3. In one of your comments, you used the exact word that explains WHY everyone allows themselves to be screwed… That word is ‘complacent’… which describes anyone who believes anyone in a position in government has any interest in doing anything for those not in such positions. Their complacency has allowed ALL of what is now transpiring to even become a possibility….

    It’s called ‘just desserts’ in some circles….

    gigoid, the dubious

  4. Over here, we have always been aware that the Internet has no privacy. The EU law on cookie disclosures was the final confirmation of that. If there are still people in the US who think that they ever had Internet privacy, then they are (and were) sadly mistaken. Unless they are real computer whiz-kids of course, and can re-route to multiple servers, hiding their point of origin.
    Nonetheless, your post may serve to warn those who have not been aware until now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. Reblogged this on THE RIPENING WANDERER and commented:
    Let’s all put our heads together and start figuring out how to get around censorship. How about “Mesh” networks? The dark net? The TOR program? Virtual Private Networks? Encryption of everything we send out? — Somebody is going to solve this sooner or later … I have all the faith in the world that somebody will work this out.

    1. John I defer to Andrew he seems to be more knowledgeable than me…but Hell everybody is more informative than me on this…LOL Thanx for the re-blog….chuq

      1. This is something that will slip under the radar if people don’t have it hammered into their heads. A lot of people don’t want to believe it could happen and a lot more people don’t understand how it will affect them. We need to keep hammering on this as long as we are able to do so.

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