It Is NO Longer Important

IST tries to keep my readers up to date on the doings involving our troops……since most of society could care less….we here want it to be known what the Pentagon is doing with our soldiers.

Word has come down from the Pentagon that the  number of troops being deployed in the Middle East will NO longer be made public…..

Since the first “no boots on the ground” pledges of President Obama, the Pentagon has systematically and repeatedly lied about the number of US ground troops they have in Iraq, deliberately omitting large numbers of troops from the official count by labeling them “temporary.”

Today, Centcom announced that they are going to end the lying about the number of US troops in those countries. They’re not going to start telling the truth, of course, but rather have decided to stop providing any numbers at all on the matter.

Centcom spokesman Col. John Thomas argued that people don’t need to know the number of US troops that are deployed in the countries, and that the important metric is “capabilities, not numbers.” Of course, the figures the Pentagon was giving were never particularly useful in the first place for reporters, since they were always clearly false.

Officially, per the last figure the Pentagon provided was that exactly 5,262 US troops were in Iraq. This was the formal “cap” on the number of troops that could be in the country, though in practice well over 6,000 US troops are actually there, with more being deployed regularly.

The official troop level deliberately excludes everyone labeled a “temporary” soldier, which includes a large number of troops with open-ended deployment dates, labeled temporary simply to avoid going over the cap at a given time.


Be assured that IST will try to keep the word coming on troop deployments….it may take some digging but if at all possible the news will be reported.


8 thoughts on “It Is NO Longer Important

  1. “All war is deception.” — Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    They take this quite seriously, I’m afraid. Hardly a surprise they consistently lie, is it?

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. Whether a soldier is classified as ‘temporary’ or ‘permanent’, if he gets killed there, he is permanently dead.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. Exactly and they try to sweep the deaths under a rug of secrecy…..I will not allow that to happen and I do not care the consequences…..quick more coffee…LOL chuq

  3. That’ll make it easier for the government to recall everyone to active duty covertly. The American people will only start to figure it out when those who visit the “date military guys/gals” sits see that every service person from 18-35 will have “deployed/redeployed” on their profiles

    1. They will hold off as long as possible on any draft talk…..that would ignite the antiwar movement and that they cannot have….chuq

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