No Change, No Way

Since the Dems had their butts handed to them by Trump in the last election they have been running around looking for their moral compass with the hope of returning to their spot in the limelight…..they say that the leadership of the DNC is their first place to start and will build from there…..

Dems proved Saturday that they are the same spineless toads they have always been……by electing a Clinton-ite to DNC chair…….

Tom Perez was elected as the new chair of the Democratic National Committee on Saturday, replacing interim chair Donna Brazile, Politico reports. Perez, who served as Labor secretary under Barack Obama and is a former civil rights lawyer, won during the second ballot after falling a single vote shy in the first round of voting, according to Yahoo News. Perez’s victory ends a four-month race during which he campaigned on returning to organized labor as the central economic message of the Democratic Party.

Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, finished second in the race for DNC chair. Despite having a similar message to Perez, Ellison was backed by Bernie Sanders while Perez was backed by members of the Obama administration and was seen as the establishment choice, the Hill reports. He’s now faced with reuniting those two opposing factions of the party. NBC News tweets that Perez’s first move as chair was to make Ellison deputy chair. Ellison then told his supporters to “give everything you’ve got” to help Perez succeed, MSNBC tweets.

This is not new leadership…just more of the same…..

If they win next time around it will not be because of new leadership…..but rather a hatred of the leadership from the White House.


24 thoughts on “No Change, No Way

  1. “This is not new leadership…just more of the same…If they win next time around it will not be because of new leadership…..but rather a hatred of the leadership from the White House.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. When will members of the DNC realize they need to change their tactics, and the FACES of the party?

      1. You’re welcome. I often wonder when members of the DNC will wake up. The party has become very soft, and more Democrats are converting to Republicans. I’m tired of hearing the same old thing from the DNC, and want to see action and change. I want the party to re-focus on the POOR, whom they seem to have forgotten about.

      2. “…a brighter version of the GOP.” 👍 Hillary and Trump had their issues, I REALLY didn’t wanna vote for Hillary, but there was no way I was voting for a person like Trump. For all of her issues, at least she’s intelligent and has worked for what she’s obtained and America.

      3. At least you voted your conscience not some BS from a politico…all Americans should do the same and leave the rhetoric and such on the outhouse floor….chuq

  2. When Obama won in 2008, the Republican Party responded by getting more conservative. Now, with the Trump victory, the Democrats appear to have responded by going more liberal. In other words, the parties continue to diverge and those of us in the middle continue to wonder what happened. Also, in a battle of the extremes between the two parties, the conservatives will regularly win. The Democrats can only win, particularly on the national level, if they stay relatively close to the center. Bill Clinton had it right and Obama had it right during his first term — be liberal, but not too liberal.

    1. Peres is a Clintonian blue dog……I do not believe Americans want much more of that….but it is early in this next cycle we will have to see how this all plays out….have a good Sunday….chuq

    2. “the Democrats appear to have responded by going more liberal. In other words, the parties continue to diverge and those of us in the middle continue to wonder what happened…be liberal, but not too liberal.” I agree. The feel the Democratic party has become too liberal. The DNC also believes that all Democrats feel the same on issues like immigration and the Affordable Care Act. They have to realize that not all Dems think the same way, or feel the same way on social issues.

      1. To remain relevant the Dems have to regain some ground at the local and state level — that requires time and patience. To do that they are going to have to moderate the more extreme aspects of liberalism. Free college for all is an example. Also, the rush to transgender rights was to fast. Those are a couple of examples. 2009 saw the tea party radicals take over the Republican Party. I fear that 2017 will see the Democrats taken over by the more radical elements in their party.

      2. The extreme liberalism and the sensitivity of the Democratic party turns me off. If you don’t agree with liberals on every issue, your concerns are ignored and your views are considered wrong.

      3. As a lifelong Democrat and liberal, I share your frustration. But you can say the same thing about the Republican Party these days. Both have retreated into their own bubbles where no dissent or divergence is allowed.

  3. American elections seem to cycle naturally between the two major parties on a more or less predictable schedule. If the Democrats win the next time around it will be because the wheel has turned and it will be their turn as America searches for the ever-elusive change they think they desire but which they cannot handle when it stares them in the face.

  4. The DNC is not stupid. They do not want to change. The way things are now, is how they survive. Most importantly, unless a viable 3rd party emerges, they do not need to change.

  5. They (the Democrats) seem to be missing the point. If they do not present an organised opposition, with a credible and potentially popular leader, they will get another term of Trump. Is this really the best they can manage? if so, maybe they deserve to lose again.
    Regards, Pete.

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