A Look At Medicine

The weekend and a few days of mental clarity away from the drumming one dimensional toads and their writings…..

It is common knowledge that I adore history and all the stuff that goes with it.  When I was studying at university I had to take a Middle East history course and it included Egypt and their empires…..

It has come to light that there is a possibility that doctors should take a oath to Imhotep (the real architect not the mummy) instead of Hippocrates…..why you ask?

I seems that most of the procedures credited to Hippo we in use back in the days of Pharaoh D’joser….and that is few century before old Hippo showed up.

Medical practice in ancient Egypt was so advanced that many of their observations, policies, and commonplace procedures would not be surpassed in the west for centuries after the fall of Rome and their practices would inform both Greek and Roman medicine. They understood that disease could be treated by pharmaceuticals, recognized the healing potential in massage and aromas, had male and female doctors who specialized in certain specific areas, and understood the importance of cleanliness in treating patients.

In the modern day it is recognized that disease and infection can be caused by germs and one might think people have always believed so but this is a relatively late innovation in human understanding. It was not until the 19th century CE that the germ theory of disease was confirmed by Louis Pasteur and proven by the work of British surgeon Joseph Lister.

Source: Egyptian Medicine – Ancient History Encyclopedia

There you have your history lesson for the week.

Be well, Be safe

Class Dismissed.


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