Libertarians and War: A Bibliographical Essay

This past election showed that the American voter was looking for something new and different…..during that election the Libertarians got a great amount of support from the voter.

I have been reading about more and more people are starting to look to the Libertarian Party for the future….now I cannot say if this will continue or they will be successful…..but the interest is growing.

I also like parts of the Libertarian platform……their concern for war and their stands of individual rights…..they kinda turn me off with some of their economic policies….

This is an essay on the relationship between war and Libertarian thought…..maybe this will help my readers that are looking for an alternative…..

The relationship between war and libertarianism has interested me since 9/11. In the aftermath of those terrorist attacks, I witnessed in grim fascination many libertarians make excuses for government in the realm of national security. The proper libertarian position on war has become a matter of controversy, although I believe it shouldn’t be. “War is the health of the state,” as Randolph Bourne said, as well as being “mass murder,” in the words of Murray Rothbard.

The following essay presents some of the most relevant materials and readings on this controversy. It is unapologetically tilted toward the antiwar position, although it includes some references to pro-interventionist writings. It is idiosyncratic and not comprehensive, and its omissions are not always deliberate. I am always interested in reading suggestions. As for the citations, I include publishing information for books but generally leave it out for articles written for or available on the web, so as to avoid extraneous clutter. Please follow the links to learn more.

Source: Libertarians and War: A Bibliographical Essay – The Libertarian Institute

I would like to help readers look beyond the two party system for it has been screwing the American people for decades……time for a change.


7 thoughts on “Libertarians and War: A Bibliographical Essay

  1. Ah well, the wheel turns… and turns… an no one’s the wiser it would seem. Should I or shouldn’t I? To join or not to join? Believe this, or believe that? What label would I like to wear at the party? Can I be a pacifist and support a “Just” (for us) war? Libertarians, Flibbertarians… why not just become Humanitarians in heart and live it?

  2. Rather long, but, comprehensive…. For me, the problem with a “Libertarian Party” is the simple fact it still places credence on the idea that a government is necessary, at all, just by forming itself into a political group to influence the ‘national government’…. In my mind, true libertarians don’t join groups very much, & certainly don’t place any faith in any government to provide ‘security’… Security is not an element of liberty, or freedom; it is part of the package to assume responsibility for such matters personally. I think the article made its closest approach to the truest form of ‘libertarianism’ when it spoke of anarchy.

    Anarchy is sadly misunderstood by most people; it doesn’t mean ‘no government’. It means ‘government without leaders.’ Period. It is the simple expression of human nature, to make choices for oneself, without any governing authority to say otherwise… It presupposes that those living under such a system are moral, and will act in ways that benefit all, without making the erroneous assumption those benefits must be legislated to happen. It is not necessarily chaos, merely ambiguous about specificity. The phrase, “from each according to talent, to each according to need” was usurped by the Communist Party; in truth, it is a core belief of all true anarchists, who despise war as a perversion of the human condition.

    Good discussion, but, it’s clear the Libertarian Party, in the final analysis, isn’t exactly what they even believe themselves to be, thus continuing the human tendency to believe imagination more powerful than reality….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I tried years ago to explain anarchism but most people only think of chaos and violence….you are right that is not what anarchism is…or how it works….thanx for the great comment….chuq

  3. When your country elects a president that is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, I will eat my hat.
    I don’t have a hat as yet, but on that day, I will buy one to eat.
    Regards, Pete.

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