Closing Thought–20Feb17

Just a FYI piece for my readers

This would be a good post for my more tech oriented readers to reply about….I am not a techno geek….Hell I still hunt and peck with 3 fingers….

Ever get annoyed by those pop-up adverts that appear out of nowhere when you are trying to watch something interesting?

Did you know that many of those advertisers are getting popped by hackers for millions, even billions of dollars?

Computer hackers are a sophisticated system of fake websites and artificial web users to deceive advertisers into thinking that people are clicking on billions of online adverts and videos every day.

The fraudsters create a series of fake websites and use computer programs called “bots” to record the starting and stopping of videos and clicks on adverts, which are then reported to advertising companies as activity by humans on real websites.

In fact, some experts believe that 70% of online advertisements are never even watched or clicked by humans.

This statistic stunned Ron Amram, vice-president of media at Heineken USA, who admitted to Bloomberg in 2014, “It was like we’d been throwing our money to the mob.”

Source: Hackers use ‘bot fraud’ operation to cheat advertisers out of billions every year

I have mixed emotions…..on one hand serves them right for being irritating douches and the other no one deserves that kind of punishment….

Signing off for the day…posting will start again tomorrow….chuq


9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–20Feb17

  1. Americans have a great word for that: comeuppance, some sort of derivative of karma 🙂 I’ve always despised advertising in any form, but people have gotten so used to it they don’t seem to notice it anymore. Advertising is essentially fraud, mostly a pack of lies and everybody deep down knows this. If these advertisers get bitten in the ass by the same tactics they’e been using on their “unsuspecting” marks for decades, serves them right. Advertising is part and parcel of consumerism, and consumerism is part and parcel of man-made pollution and now climate change. If only people could see the cause and effect, or “truth or consequences” of things…

  2. As a relatively competent geekish, I think it’s GREAT! I don’t fret over popups, because there are a number of programs to block them; most browsers these days have a configuration setting to allow or disallow them at all. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which works to protect the Internet from encroaching government & corporate usurpation offers software that can protect your privacy when you surf; one program automatically clicks on all buttons on a site, to mask those you choose to click, in order to keep the NSA & others from collecting metadata on your surfing & buying habits, & everything about you.

    As for those who click on ads, all I can say is, you pays your money & takes your chances….a few of them are connected to malware sites that will infect your computer, unless you are adequately protected. To augment what Sha’Tara said, it’s karma, neh? & Karma goes in both, if not all directions.

    Knowing the hacking community has quietly done its own part to give back some of what the advertisers dish out seems quite like ‘justice’ to me. Those assholes think they have the right to sell whatever they want, anywhere & any time they want, & feel entitled about it, to boot. Fuck ’em.It’s another way of trying to make everything that exists either a product, or a service, & sell it to the unwary. Again, fuck ’em…

    I guess that’s clear enough. Kudos to the hacking community….

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. I am also lacking in sympathy for those advertisers. The problem is, what happens when they find a way to stop it, and those same hackers turn their attentions to us unsuspecting individuals instead? It leaves me in two minds, for sure.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. My guess would be that the same blocking methods used by advertisers would become part of our own lives through our ISP’s, anti-virus-malware providers, and all social media would follow suit. Then the hackers would have to find another way to amuse themselves. Which they would, that being the game. At least now I know how certain websites get hundreds of thousands, or millions of “hits” (even when they don’t show a naked woman on their ad!) You gotta love those little bots, so eager, so determined. No wonder we’re being replaced and becoming obsolete. We’re just too slow.

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