What Is Morocco Up To?

Today is President’s Day…..where we Americans celebrate all those men that served as leader over the years….

After I graduated from university I went to Tunisia and applied for a job with the UN as an analyst…..did not get the gig some dude with lots more letters after his name got the call.

Not the end of the story I was then approached by a Spanish newspaper to be a researcher/analyst and so began my 4 years of work in the Middle East and North Africa.

I was assigned to Rabat Morocco and was researching a story on the annexation of Western Sahara…I was granted an interview with one of the leaders of the opposition, the Polarsio and spent 2 weeks among the people of Western Sahara….great people.

Since those days I have been watching and writing about the struggles of Western Sahara…..

Source: Where Is Western Sahara? – In Saner Thought

Source: Meanwhile Back In Western Sahara – In Saner Thought

Source: Armed Conflict Could Return To Western Sahara – In Saner Thought

Just a little background for Morocco is making news these days…..they have rejoined the African Union (AU) after a 33 year absence….and some are asking….why now?

Morocco is ready to raise its global stature, flexing its muscle before the world by joining the African Union (AU) and making clear what it can offer — or withhold — in the areas of finance and security.

The country’s investments, security and migration control will remain its power points with which to bargain for political support from the West, which in turn wants a greater presence in Africa.

Morocco wants to put to bed international friction over its decadeslong battle with the Polisario Front independence movement over disputed Western Sahara territory recognized by some countries as the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). In fact, Morocco left the AU’s predecessor, the Organization of African Unity, in 1984 to protest the group’s admission of SADR.

But now Morocco is back.

Some are questioning this move by Morocco…..is it more about trying to salvage their claim to Western Sahara than anything else?

King Mohammed VI’s new African policy reflects the Moroccan monarch’s pragmatism and realism. While in the past, Morocco had adopted a disastrous “empty chair” policy, the new policy is proactive and positive for the outlook of Morocco’s territorial integrity and the controversy it is facing over the Western Sahara.

Owing to Morocco’s absence from the African Union (AU) over the past 33 years, Morocco’s rivals, mainly Algeria and South Africa, have been using the pan-African body to push their self-serving political and ideological agendas.

The two countries have seemingly dominated the organisation and attempted to use it as a tool to weaken Morocco’s position with regard to the Western Sahara.

Source: Moroccan pragmatism: A new chapter for Western Sahara | Morocco | Al Jazeera

This situation will be an interesting one for us IR geeks….what will be the future of Western Sahara?  Who holds the keys?


10 thoughts on “What Is Morocco Up To?

      1. As far as I can remember yes….I think that once MLK was a Fed holiday they combined these two…cannot have employees having 3 days off in one month….chuq

  1. Re: Morocco… sounds like SOSDD to me. (Same old story different day). Somebody want’s power over somebody else, bankers & political assholes, mostly, so they drum up some BS story of wounded honor, or danger, so they can create a fight with whomever they’re targeting. The oligarchy smiles, nods, & sells them weapons so they can go on killing each other over trivial bullshit, while the rest of the world ignores it in favor of the latest iPad feature, or fanatically following some ridiculous sport team as if their very life would crash at a lost game, played by highly paid athletic slaves who give even less of a crap about their own complicity in manipulating society….


    As for President’s Day, it, along with Valentine’s Day, & most of the other absurd reasons the public is fooled into thinking are important, were created specifically to act as economic stimuli, in months which previously had no such holiday, to get people to spend more they can’t afford on shit that doesn’t matter, & won’t in any way improve their life or lot…. & think they’re being good citizens & people, when they’re merely being good slaves to debt…


    Same story, different day….

    SIGH…. people are so gullible….

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. I agree with Mr. Cox above about President’s Day. I thought it was a Washington/Lincoln cooperative as well. Gawd.. does that mean Trump gets a position on this day after he’s gone?

    Interesting career you’ve had there, chuq. Funny.. I suppose at first blush reading your post on.. Morocco, of all places, I couldn’t help but think… “Did chuq just pull a country out of his head to post about? I served in Iceland, of all places, maybe I should post about that no-where place as well.” But you made a good point in your post. Many times the origins of greater conflicts down the line have their roots in places just like this. Some of us will tend to ignore the readings of what might be important. If nothing else, this makes for a good “intelligence” read (obviously Trump would never read this). Nice information. chuq. Thanks.

    1. Iceland? The most blondes I ever saw in one place…..my visit there was short lived 2 days…..I would not change my 4 years in the Middle East and North Africa for anything….glad you liked the post…thanx….chuq

  3. Former colonies like Morocco remained overlooked for decades. Propped up by previous colonial masters, and other western countries who wanted to keep them onside. For a country that gets so much of its income from tourism, it will have to tread carefully about flexing the muscles of a Muslim country on the world stage in these times.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. It was one of the first to recognize the US so we have this love affair kinda like with Israel…they can do no wrong….have a good day Pete….chuq

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