A Staggering Record Of Failure

Today we celebrate the American presidents and what better subject than the one that they must make the involves millions…both in dollars and in lives?

I know why don’t we talk about a subject that most Americans refuse to think about for any reason….WAR!

Why, with what we believe is the greatest military in the world, is the United States’ record in war and military interventions so failure-prone?

Think not?

Then when was the last time we actually won a war?

Don’t hurt yourself…..1991….Desert Storm (not a win in the official sense but close enough for government work).  Before that it was 1945….World War 2……

The official end of the Cold War came in 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the creation of the Russian Federation. Since then, remarkably, the United States has been at war or engaged in significant conflicts and military interventions in which tens of thousands of its soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen have been killed or wounded for over two-thirds of the intervening years. Iraq in 1991; Somalia in 1992-93; the global war on terror and Afghanistan 2001-present; Iraq 2003-present; and Syria and Yemen since 2016 represent a total of 19 of the past 26 years.

Using the end of World War II in 1945 at a starting point and including the Korean War (1950-53) and Vietnam Wars (from 1959 when the first Americans were killed to withdrawal in 1974), Americans have been in battle for 37 of the past 72 years or well over 50 percent. And the record has not been impressive. Korea was a draw. Vietnam was an ignominious defeat vividly portrayed by the poignant image of the last Huey helicopter lifting off the roof of an apartment building in Saigon.

Source: Why does the U.S. military have such a staggering record of failure? – UPI.com

WE continue to fail…..these wars that we engage in are more about the profits than the principle….this cycle will never end until the American people start caring about the waste of life and funds…..and that will not happen until the people learn the realism of war.  And that cannot happen until they, the people, remove their heads from the sand.


41 thoughts on “A Staggering Record Of Failure

      1. Without the wars we would never have gotten to where we are and worse … without or wars we could never stay where we have been or where we are. War drives a big part of our national economy so if you are interested in going back to tomahawks, log cabins and mules, then yes, we need to get rid of all our war making capacity and our willingness to profit by it.

      2. If you need to fight a war then hand to hand would make the difference if it would continue…..what has our recent wars accomplished?

      3. I approve of everything you do, Chuq because I respect anybody who lifts a finger do do anything because there are so many who don’t care enough to try and I respect you a lot even when I disagree with you …So never misunderstand my appreciation of you … I love sparring with you … I hate to admit it but I even agree with you more times than not … but being who I am and my message being what it is, I dare not be too friendly to some of your viewpoints … But you do brighten my day …. your loyalty as a reader is beyone reproach and very much appreciated — not to mention the useful life lessons you have so generously taught to me …. the great breakfast ideas for example …. Yes! We have adversarial opinions but I consider you to be a distant friend … an Internet friend.

      4. Thanx for the kind words….we do what we feel we must, right? I also think of you as my internet friend….we have been doing this too long not to be…LOL chuq

      5. THanx John…..I appreciate the offer and will keep it in mind….on another note….I think I will put aside my idea about a podcast for IST….it will be a massive undertaking that I just do not have time for right now….good luck with your endeavor with the audio….chuq

      6. It is not a bot — It is one of the services offered by wordpress.com support — I have been experimenting with it myself and am still working out the kinks. I do believe it works better with a land line phone than with a cellphone but it does work and it is free.

  1. I suppose it’s all about frame of reference, aka point of view. From the standpoint of the corporations who make profit from those times we are at war (arms dealers, provision sellers ((e.g. Safeway, whoever makes uniforms & vehicles, military vendors of all types, etc…..), it doesn’t matter a whit whether we’ve won or lost, since they won the actual battle, for the minds of those who fight.

    Point of view makes a big difference in what light we see… & the American people have had their POV dictated to them, with their tacit agreement, for all that time…

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. Jeez.. guys, for being Nam vets I’m surprised at your remarks. Most (if not all) of these damn conflicts, wars, whatever your preference… had little to do with TRUE military failures. It’s the politicians.. more specifically, the leaders in government.. the foreign policies of years gone by. WW2 was the last all-out war effort toward a concerted enemy, both in Europe and the Pacific. It was a morally “clean” war… as wars go. But Korea, Vietnam, the Mid East… is all about restraining the military from winning and forcing the military into fighting by some set of rules, moral or political, or both. I won’t accept our troops have LOST anything. It’s the civilian leadership. Now, having said that (for perspective) I do agree in the Constitutionality of the military answering to our civilian leadership.

    1. Guess what! I agree with Doug! This nightmare of fighting wars with no intenton of winning started with Korea and I was too young to be involved but it caused me great consternation even back then. I had always cheered America on and was darned proud of the fact that we were war winners and not retreaters. We have become a nation of strategic retreat and that is not good for our image or for the strength of our world position. We need to enter every conflict with a definite plan to win it because if we don’t then we don’t need to be in it in the first place. Yes, I totally agree with Doug on this one.

      1. Ever noticed that when the M-IC became a major player we started “retreating” more than winning…just an observation on my part.

  3. Unless you are counting Grenada, (and please don’t…) from the point of view of a foreigner, I would suggest that the last victory that America won on its own, without allies, was in 1865. And that was against thirteen of its own states.
    As Doug says, modern wars changed all the accepted rules of engagement, and are very different things indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I hope it works out for you. I think it would help us all if we can get it down pat and working properly. If you try it and don’t like it you can always just unhook it again.

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