When Is Too Many Too Many?

With every incoming president there is the endless promises of budget cuts and easing of the deficit…..and almost always one of the first issues is the closing of military bases….of course the Congress people will protect the ones in their district because it is worth billions to keep them open.

Sadly there needs to be some reality injected into that debate…..and an opinion piece has been written and a realistic look at this issue……

Members of Congress have a hard time agreeing on virtually anything, and they’re already butting heads with the new president. But one issue should unite them: a new initiative to shrink the Pentagon’s massive overhead.

President Trump and Secretary of Defense James Mattis have pledged to cut waste. And key leaders in Congress have renewed their calls for rationalizing the Pentagon’s base structure. Now is the time for Congress to come together, put the national interest over parochial interests and finally support a new round of base closings.

Source: America Has Too Many Military Bases | The National Interest Blog

Anyone that comes here knows my feelings on this…..but in case you are new reader…I do not see why some of these bases cannot be closed….even some of the ones overseas….we have our troops stretched to the limit as it is…..plus the Pentagon budget never takes a hit….most times it is increased at the expense of other need programs….time for some realism in our approach to this situation….


7 thoughts on “When Is Too Many Too Many?

  1. I recall at least $125B reported as Pentagon waste that is a good place to start. What’s interesting if you read the report, it’s year over year savings, not just a one shot deal. If Trump is successful in cutting only that fat from the defense budget, he can campaign in 2020 with helping save the American taxpayer $500B. I’m not holding my breath that it will actually happen. There are no signs that the American government is actually using anything close to standard accounting practices.

    1. I believe it is called “creative accounting”…..LOL Neocons have invade Trump’s life….it will remain as it is…wasteful and unsuccessful….chuq

  2. As far as I can see from over here, enough is never enough, as far as the US military is concerned.
    But they are leaving the huge airbase at Mildenhall, which is close to where I live. Maybe they are trying to tell me something?
    Regards, Pete.

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