The (Anthropological) Truth About Walls

For over a year now there has been much to do about walls……in presidential politics and even in the magic of cinema… I thought I would do what I always do…..give a historical look at “walls”…….

From the Great Wall of China to Hadrian’s Wall to the New Amsterdam Wall on Wall Street to the Wall defended by Castle Black, walls have a long-standing place in history and pop culture to defend people. But they’re sites of complex interactions, too

Building walls is far from a revolutionary idea. We’ve been building them since ancient times. And they have largely been intended to serve the same purpose: to keep people out (and sometimes in) and define national borders.

Source: The (Anthropological) Truth about Walls – Scientific American Blog Network

Of course I am sure instead of learning from history there will be some sort of debate of what is and what is not “facts”……but that is fine for I have come to not expect much more than that from some……

9 thoughts on “The (Anthropological) Truth About Walls

  1. It’s an interesting psychological phenomenon that America, despite having no threatening or dangerous neighbours; having full control of the seas around it, a thousand military bases all over the planet, the mightiest navy, extreme internal security forces and technology, the most prisons, the most guns per capita, has become increasingly insular and as a people, fearful of what goes bump in the night.

    Might doesn’t make right, it makes fright. Even more strange is the fact that many middle and upper class Americans use undocumented “alien” domestic labour in order to save money, profiting from a sort of slave trade as does Malaysia for example, yet does not seem able to mount any protest against “the wall” as proposed.

    Physically, materially, America is being gutted to feed what is essentially an alien and invasive military empire. But it seems that no longer matters, hardly anybody can see or sense this happening. America is for the most part mentally, psychically, emotionally and spiritually dead. The concept of “America” co-opted by a military-industrial elitist complex goaded by predatory capitalism is the alien eating it from within. The “wall” is just another blood-sucking military exercise in a war that can never be won because it only exists in propaganda, now referred to as alternate facts.

    1. Ot is fun to watch some try and sell the dangers that only exist in their minds….and they are being successful…that will bite the US in the ass….chuq

      1. Well, since you asked…. One of the things I’ve come to believe is that we humans are by nature pack or tribe creatures, and that one thing we all do constantly is to monitor who’s in and who’s out of the pack, that is who should be on our side of the wall. As a person with Christian tendencies, I have, as a corollary, believed it is my responsibility to be always expanding my notion of my own tribe. Ideally, it would eventually include all humans, all living things, all of creation. (Of course, I’ll never get that far.)

        Now most of the West is engaged in tightening the definitions of membership in various tribes. This seems to me to be an understandable response to an influx of refugees, to a tightening economy, to changes in general. I don’t like it, and I hope it’s a short cyclical response, but I don’t think things will be improved by railing at the Trump-ites to be more open. Events are challenging me to be more understanding when I would prefer to condemn.

  2. I need to to thank you for this great read!! I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it.
    I’ve got you book-marked to look at new stuff you

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