Closing Thought–08Feb17

Chimeras on the loose!

If you have ever been bored and surfed the tube for something anything to watch you may come across a program called “Ancient Aliens”…..these are those whack jobs that try and explain all history as the invention of aliens that have visited us in the past, which is about as believable as some of the stuff the morons on the Right spout.

Sorry I digress….any way they had a program about human-animal chimeras that explains the images that come out of ancient Egypt….of course it was experiment that these aliens preformed…..

What got me to thinking about this program was something I read the other day……

Researchers have created part-human-part-pig embryos in what other scientists are calling an “exciting” step toward proving the viability of human-animal chimeras, the BBC reports. The researchers injected human stem cells into pig embryos, then implanted those embryos into adult pigs. After a month or so, the developing pig was part human, and the stem cells were turning into the makings of a heart, liver, and neurons, according to the Washington Post. Researchers published their findings Thursday in Cell. Still, the embryos were less than 0.001% human. And Seeker reports the host pigs were “euthanized and incinerated” after four weeks to prevent the accidental creation of super-smart pigs or something equally horrifying.

The goal of the research is to eventually be able to grow human organs inside “large host animals.” Approximately 22 people in the US die every day while waiting for an organ transplant. Researchers say this new process could allow organs to be grown on demand, ending organ shortages. But they warn that’s far in the future. In the meantime, it could be used to research diseases and test drugs in animals. But there are still moral questions surrounding the creation of animal-human chimeras, with some scientists expressing concern about making animals with human brains or reproductive organs. (A “human chimera” resulted in a dad learning that his unborn twin “fathered” his son.)

I have two thoughts on this story…..

One, half man half pig?  I think we already have that and most of them are in Congress or in the White House….

Two, not sure but is that not a violation of the laws of nature?


If this did not peak your interest…then how about Cream…..Tales Of Brave Ulysses…..

My day is done…..must be off like a dirty shirt…..see ya tomorrow….Be well, Be safe……chuq


4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–08Feb17

  1. Wow! Opening up such a lovely, delightful can of worms. I’m of those “believe all things, believe in nothing” people, so I “believe” that indeed the symbols, statues and images of chimeras from ancient times are the result of memories of observation of experimentations by “aliens” – that’s never been a problem with me since there is enough obvious evidence that “something” not from earth man happened here long ago, and we need go no further than the Great Pyramid construct, not only in it’s size and precision, but location and hosts of other aspects of it. If man-made, neither the “how” nor the “why” of it can ever be answered and for me the proof of a man-made construct must come from correctly, truthfully answering those two questions.

    That being said, what about those natural laws? Do they even exist? If there were natural laws, methinks that man could not violate them without instant consequences. There are processes that have worked through time and evolution to bring us to this point, but I don’t see them as “LAWS” because if they are laws, then they had to be enacted by someone, and that someone must then be some superior intelligent and ruling life force, a “god” of necessity. Ouch! I’d hate to have to fall back down that bottomless pit of intelligent design or worse, creationism.

    I think this far: that intelligence exists everywhere and expresses itself in infinite ways, but if it makes “laws” because it thinks itself superior and entitled, those are artificial laws, temporary laws, to serve their own purpose of manipulation and control. I don’t think nature either has laws, or needs laws because nature doesn’t care. A stream flows downstream, not because it is consciously obeying a law but because that is natural; it’s what a stream is and does, and when it encounters an obstacle, being natural, it flows around it and continues on. It doesn’t take the obstacle to a higher court to demand access to its original path, which if we were talking about a law of nature, it would be entitled to do, and would have access to such redress.

    Imagine being sued in some truly higher court by a robin because you cut down the shrub it was used to nest in year after year. Or a class action suit by a forest against a logging company. How about the earth suing the human race for misusing its natural resources and for overpopulating? I wonder what the court’s verdict would be on that one… Thanks for that bit of imagination stirring, Chuq.

    1. Personally I like the forest suing….we are losing them so fast that it might help……glad I got the creative juices flowing….have a good evening….chuq

  2. I am open to theories about whatever life may have lived on this planet in the distant past. If nothing else, the constructions of ancient peoples cannot really be explained in any other way. However, when it comes to messing around with pigs to grow organs, or using the backs of mice to grow ears, I start to feel more than a little uneasy. Mainly because in that far distant future, I reckon it will be some form of human ‘underclass’ (and not pigs) that is used to grow those organs, for the benefit of the super-rich individuals society is currently creating.
    Regards, Pete.

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