Balkan War Drums Beat Again

As a foreign policy geek I am unimpressed with the situation around our new president, Trump…..he is just starting his imperial rule and he is faced with many situations that will need attention….North Korea, China, Middle East, Russia but the one that could be his first test on the international stage is the Balkans…..

Back in the 1990’s Clinton had his hands full with the Balkans and now Trump may have to get his hands dirty with the region……

Source: It’s Kosovo Again…… – In Saner Thought

And a newer post on the situation……

Source: It’s Kosovo Again…….(Again) – In Saner Thought

And during the first days of Trump there is more problems brewing in the region……

Putin, like many Russians, views Western intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo as an affront to the Slavic Orthodox world, and he plans on revenge.

In the decade-and-a-half of war in far-flung places since the 9/11 attacks on our country, it’s easy to forget how much time Western spies, soldiers and diplomats spent in the 1990s trying to save the Balkans from themselves. After Yugoslavia collapsed in 1991, leaving violence and turmoil in its wake, it fell to NATO, led by the United States, to sort out that ugly mess. Now, a generation later, the temporary solutions Washington crafted are coming apart, and war may be returning to Europe’s unstable Southeast.

First, Bosnia-Hercegovina, which got the lion’s share of media attention back in the 1990s—by no means all of it accurate—has limped along as a half-failed state for the last two decades. Mired in crime and corruption, not to mention a serious problem with Islamic extremism, Bosnia is ailing politically, economically and socially. The strange, jury-rigged arrangement hashed out by President Bill Clinton in Dayton, Ohio, in late 1995 to keep Bosnia together after that country’s terrible civil war, was never meant to be more than a short-term solution.

Source: Trump’s First Foreign Policy Crisis: Balkan War Drums Beat Again | Observer

Hopefully Trump has someone on the Southern Europe Desk to keep an eye on this situation….if not then the US will be caught with its pants down….again.

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